World’s First Offshore Green Hydrogen Electrolyser Begins Pilot Production  

French green hydrogen producer, Lhyfe, has launched Sealhyfe, the world’s first offshore green hydrogen production facility.

The world’s first offshore green hydrogen electrolyzer started to produce its first set of hydrogen. The hydrogen produced was made from a floating 1 megawatts electrolyzer in the port of Saint-Nazaire in France. The 1 megawatts used in creating the 1st set of megawatts was created by Lhyfe, the French hydrogen producer and the creator of US-based plug power that supplies the electrolyzer.

The electrolyzer’s capability for production is vital; it can create up to 400kilograms of green energy every 24 hours. The electrolyzer located in Saint Nazaire has been carried away from the coastal region of Nazaire. It is said to be taken away for at least six months on a mock-up wave power terrace near the quay. The electrolyzer will still be carted away from the dock and moved to a running company located about 20kilometrese off the coastal region. The Coastal region will harbor the electrolyzer. There the electrolyzer will be tested for about one year.

This six month will be a trial period. The company will work to obtain initial reference measurements. They will also test all systems, from the desalination and cooling systems to the remote control, stack behavior, energy management, and resistance to environmental conditions, among other states.

Afterward, the electrolyzer will be fastened to a structure of anchors built together and connected to the company’s submarine center of activity using an umbilical designed for energy and data transfer. It will spend at least 12 months off the Atlantic coast. After the electrolyzer has been tested and gotten through a series of needed and mandatory testing, the pilot will go ahead to check up on the system used to Power the technology. They will transform it from the drifting air current turbine, inflation, desalination, and electrolysis. At the end of this trial, the company would have compiled a substantial volume of data for a standard system that will be used to produce on a large scale.

At the end of the test and mandatory check, which will be going on for about a year and a half, The electrolyzer will be done and ready to bring forth a better offshore production organization and will be transferred on a large scale. Life says there might be the production of 3 gigawatts offshore electrolyzer by the year 2030-2035.

‘At Lhyfe, we have only one aim: to leave a more breathable planet for our children. This is why we once again wanted to take up a major technological challenge, to prove – by producing hydrogen at sea for the first time – that it is possible to do it as of today,’ said Matthieu Guesné, chairman, CEO, and founder of Life.

Today’s inauguration of Sealhyfe marks a pivotal moment for Plug and Lhyfe, demonstrating that green hydrogen is possible, not just in onshore projects, but offshore too,’ said Andy Marsh, the CEO of Plug.

Lhyfe and plug have come together to agree on the creation and building of 300 megawatts of green hydrogen in Europe by 2025.

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