Microsoft Partners with Apex Clean Energy for Wheatsborough Solar Project in Ohio

In a significant step towards sustainable energy and community support, Apex Clean Energy and Microsoft have embarked on a notable collaboration. This partnership is anchored in a power purchase agreement (PPA) to utilize electricity from Apex’s Wheatsborough solar project in Ohio, signifying a landmark in renewable energy initiatives and environmental justice.

Overview of the Wheatsborough Solar Project

  • Location and Capacity: Situated in the US state of Ohio, the Wheatsborough solar project boasts an impressive 125MW power generation capacity.
  • Construction and Timeline: Construction began in August 2023, with an expected completion date in the first half of 2025. Apex Clean Energy, the project developer, anticipates the solar farm will start operating within this timeline.
  • Impact and Usage: Initially planned to supply the local grid and diversify Ohio’s energy portfolio, the project’s output will now likely power Microsoft facilities, although specific usage details remain unspecified.

Strategic Importance of the Apex-Microsoft Agreement

  • Renewable Energy Development: Apex CEO Ken Young emphasized the importance of developing reliable and sustainable renewable energy projects, underscoring the potential for lasting impact in local communities.
  • Following Precedents: This deal draws inspiration from the “Microsoft-Volt Energy Utility Environmental Justice Framework,” a set of guidelines ensuring PPA deals benefit local communities and the environment. This approach originated from a 2021 PPA between Microsoft and Volt Energy.
  • Community Investment: A portion of the PPA revenue will support the Sharing the Power Foundation, with an additional $125,000 dedicated to the Apex Conservation Grant Program for local wildlife protection.

Commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance Principles

The solar sector is increasingly focusing on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Events like the Solar & Storage Live in the UK highlight the growing attention to the ethics of solar manufacturers’ supply chains and production processes. The Solar Stewardship Initiative’s updated ESG standard for European solar companies is a testament to this shift, and projects like Microsoft and Volt’s in the US could help inculcate similar principles in the American market.

The Microsoft-Volt Energy Utility Environmental Justice Framework

  • Framework Objectives: Developed by Microsoft and Volt Energy Utility, this framework aims to leverage corporate emission-reduction goals to support environmental justice, community, and diversity initiatives.
  • Supporting Microsoft’s Renewable Energy Goals: The Wheatsborough project aligns with Microsoft’s goal to fulfill its energy needs entirely through renewable sources while pioneering a power procurement approach that redirects resources to community-led clean energy and resilience projects.

Benefits and Impact of the Framework

  • Equitable Distribution: The PPA focuses on equitable benefits distribution from the clean energy economy, with initiatives promoting women and minority leadership, job creation, carbon neutrality, habitat restoration, and recycling.
  • Community Investments: Revenues will support the Sharing the Power Foundation, dedicated to environmental health and economic justice in historically underserved communities. Furthermore, the project will fund community and conservation grants and clean energy workforce development.

Local Impact and Job Creation

  • Employment Opportunities: The construction of Wheatsborough is creating over 100 local jobs, with a commitment that at least 75% of these will be for Ohio residents.
  • Community Focus: Both Microsoft and Apex Clean Energy emphasize the importance of bringing solar energy benefits to Erie County, highlighting their dedication to community and environmental considerations.

Apex Clean Energy’s Vision for Renewable Energy

Ken Young, CEO of Apex, reiterates the need for reliable and sustainable renewable energy projects, emphasizing the significance of equitable deployment to enhance the industry’s overall impact. This agreement exemplifies the move “beyond the megawatt,” creating sustainable and long-lasting effects in the local community and beyond. For more information on sustainable energy initiatives and environmental justice, visit the Sharing the Power Foundation.


In conclusion, the Apex-Microsoft partnership under the Wheatsborough solar project represents a major leap forward in sustainable energy production and community support. This collaboration is not only about generating renewable energy but also about investing in environmental justice, creating jobs, and supporting under-resourced communities, marking a new era in the energy sector. Read more about Microsoft and Apex Clean Energy’s collaboration.

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