What is Tesla Destination Charging?

Tesla Destination Charging is a program designed to provide convenient charging options for Tesla electric vehicle (EV) owners when they are on the go. With this program, Tesla has partnered with various locations such as hotels, restaurants, and other public places to offer level 2 charging stations that can be used by EV owners. This allows drivers to charge their vehicles while away from home or work, making it easier than ever to keep their cars fully charged at all times.

What Is Level 2 Charging?

Level 2 charging is a type of fast-charging technology that uses higher voltage than standard level 1 chargers. It provides more power, allowing an EV battery to charge faster than with a level 1 charger. This makes it ideal for long trips where you need your car’s range quickly restored after driving long distances without access to a traditional charging station.

What Are the Benefits of Using These Stations?

Tesla Destination Charging offers numerous benefits for both customers and businesses alike:

  1. Convenience – By providing easy access to fast-charging points in public locations, Tesla Destination Charging makes it easier than ever to keep an EV charged on long trips.
  2. Cost Savings – Thanks to the faster charging times of level 2 chargers, customers can save money on charging costs by quickly topping off their battery without the need for an overnight charge.
  3. Increased Visibility – Businesses that partner with Tesla in this program will see increased visibility, as EV drivers looking for charging points are more likely to spot and stop at locations that offer them.
  4. Public Awareness – With more drivers making use of these stations, it helps raise awareness about electric vehicles and encourages people to make the switch from traditional cars to EVs.

Tesla Destination Charging provides a convenient way for EV owners to keep their vehicles charged while on the go. This program offers numerous benefits for both customers and business partners, making it a great choice for those who want to stay powered up while they travel.

Is the Tesla Supercharger Network more advantageous than Destination Charging?

The Tesla Supercharger network is the fastest way to charge a Tesla vehicle. It offers up to 145kW of charging power, which can add up to 1000 miles of range in just an hour. In comparison, most destination chargers provide less than 50kW of charging power, so they take significantly longer to charge a Tesla fully.

Another benefit of Tesla’s Supercharger Network is that it allows you to easily plan long trips. For example, Superchargers are conveniently located along many major highways and near popular destinations. This means that you can easily make stops at any point along your travels, allowing for maximum convenience when it comes to charging your vehicle.

On the other hand, while Destination Chargers are generally free (or included with the cost of your stay), they can be more difficult to find and access. Additionally, since most provide only low levels of power (50kW or below), it can take quite some time for them to fully charge a Tesla vehicle.

What’s the Objective of the Tesla Destination Charging System?

The main objective of Tesla’s Destination Charging system is to provide drivers with easy access to charging stations when they’re away from home. Tesla Destination Chargers are designed to be conveniently located in places like hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers where drivers are likely to be staying for an extended period. As such, these chargers provide a great way for drivers to top off their vehicles during long trips or vacations and can be used as an alternative to Superchargers if needed.

Tesla Destination Chargers typically provide up to 50kW of power, which is significantly less than what you get with Supercharging. As such, it usually takes significantly longer for these chargers to fully charge a Tesla vehicle (upward of 8-10 hours). Although some Destination Chargers do offer higher power levels (upwards of 100kW), they are not as widely available as the lower powered units. Additionally, while many Destination Chargers are free (or included with the cost of your stay), some may require payment in order to use them.

How long does it take to charge at a Tesla Destination Charger?

A Tesla Vehicle can take up to 8-10 hours to fully charge at a Tesla Destination Charger, depending on the charger’s power level. Most Destination Chargers provide up to 50kW of power, which is significantly lower than the 145kW offered by Superchargers. This means that it will take significantly longer for Destination Chargers to completely charge a Tesla vehicle. Higher power levels (upwards of 100kW) are available with some Destination Chargers, but these are not as widely available as the lower powered units.

What is the cost associated with using a Tesla Destination Charger?

The cost associated with using a Tesla Destination Charger depends on the location and the power level of the charger. Most Tesla Destination Chargers are free or included in the cost of your stay, but some may require payment. Prices typically range from $2 – $5 per hour, with higher rates for higher power levels.

For example, if you’re charging at a 50kW Destination Charger, you could expect to pay around $2 – $3 per hour. However, if you’re using a higher powered charger like a 100kW Supercharger, you could expect to pay up to $5 per hour. Additionally, some locations may have additional fees such as connection fees or access fees.

How many Tesla Destination Chargers exist and where are they situated?

Tesla Destination Chargers are the company’s convenient charging points that allow owners of their electric cars to recharge on the go. There are currently over 28,000 Tesla Destination Chargers situated in hundreds of cities across more than 40 countries. These chargers provide easy access to power and can help drivers save time and money when charging their vehicles.

The majority of these chargers are found at hotels and resorts, as well as many restaurants and other businesses who have partnered with Tesla. Additionally, some airports and public parking lots may also have Tesla Destination Chargers available for use. With such a wide range of locations, Tesla owners are never too far away from a place where they can quickly refill their car batteries.

How Do You Use a Tesla Destination Charger?

If you’re planning a road trip with your Tesla vehicle, the in-car navigation will help you decide which Superchargers and Destination Chargers to use while away from home. Additionally, you can visit Tesla’s website to check out an up-to-date map of all available charging station locations.

Once you’ve arrived at the Wall Connector at a Destination Charging site, plug your car in. The charger is intended for short-term use and can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours based on the power output and remaining level of charge in your battery. Use the Tesla Mobile App on your phone to keep track of the session once it has begun charging. When done, be sure to unplug the cable from both ends and store it safely away.


Tesla Destination Chargers are a great way for Tesla owners to charge their vehicles while away from home. With over 28,000 chargers located in hundreds of cities across more than 40 countries, drivers can quickly find places where they can top up the battery on their cars. These chargers provide power levels of up to 100kW and typically range from $2 – $5 per hour depending on location and power level. With easy access to these chargers, Tesla owners have peace of mind knowing that wherever their journey takes them, there will be an electric vehicle charging station nearby.

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