Vivint Energy vs. Vivint Solar

Vivint is a well-known name in the energy sector, offering innovative solutions to homeowners. However, there’s often confusion between Vivint Energy and Vivint Solar. Both provide distinct advantages and cater to different needs. Let’s dive into the differences and similarities between these two services to help you understand which might be right for you.

Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar specializes in residential solar energy solutions, making it easier for homeowners to harness the power of the sun. Their comprehensive service includes everything from the initial consultation to the installation and maintenance of solar panels. Here’s a closer look at what Vivint Solar offers:

Key Features

  • Solar Panels: Vivint Solar installs high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels known for their durability and performance.
  • Inverters: These devices convert the direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is used to power homes.
  • Battery Storage: Vivint offers options like the LG Chem and Tesla Powerwall, which store excess energy for use during nighttime or power outages.
  • Financing Options: Vivint Solar provides various financing methods, including solar purchase, loans, leases, and power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Benefits of Vivint Solar

  • Energy Independence: Reduce reliance on traditional power grids and generate your own electricity.
  • Cost Savings: Lower monthly power bills and potentially increase your home’s value by up to 4%.
  • Environmental Impact: Using renewable energy helps reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

Cost and Financing

The cost of installing solar panels can vary depending on your energy needs and location. Vivint Solar offers a solar calculator to provide customized estimates. Financing options include:

  • Solar Purchase: Own your system outright and benefit from tax incentives and rebates.
  • Solar Loan: Finance your system with low monthly payments, retaining ownership and benefits.
  • Solar Lease: Avoid upfront costs by leasing the system, though tax incentives do not apply.
  • Solar PPA: Pay a fixed rate for the electricity generated by the solar panels installed on your home.

Vivint Energy

While Vivint Solar focuses on solar energy solutions, Vivint Energy integrates these solutions with smart home technology, offering a more holistic approach to energy management. Here’s what Vivint Energy provides:

Key Features

  • Smart Thermostats: These devices optimize home energy use for heating and cooling, adapting to your schedule and preferences.
  • Energy Monitoring: Track your energy usage in real-time through the Vivint app, helping you make informed decisions about your energy consumption.
  • Home Automation: Integrate with other smart devices like lights, locks, and security cameras for a seamless home experience.

Benefits of Vivint Energy

  • Convenience: Manage all your smart home devices from a single app, making it easier to control and optimize your home environment.
  • Efficiency: Smart thermostats and energy monitoring can help you save on utility bills by optimizing energy use.
  • Security: Bundle energy management with Vivint’s security solutions for enhanced protection and peace of mind.

Smart Energy Solutions

Vivint Energy integrates various smart home technologies to provide a comprehensive energy management system. This includes:

  • Smart Hub: Centralized control for all connected devices.
  • Security Cameras: Monitor your home with high-definition video and smart alerts.
  • Motion and Security Sensors: Enhance security with sensors that detect unusual activity.

Comparison Table

Feature Vivint Solar Vivint Energy
Primary Focus Solar Energy Smart Home Integration
Key Products Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries Smart Thermostats, Energy Monitoring
Benefits Energy Independence, Cost Savings Convenience, Efficiency
Financing Options Purchase, Loans, Leases, PPAs N/A


Choosing between Vivint Energy and Vivint Solar depends on your specific needs and priorities. If you’re focused on generating your own clean energy and reducing your utility bills, Vivint Solar offers a robust solution with various financing options and significant benefits. On the other hand, if you’re looking to integrate energy solutions with a comprehensive smart home system, Vivint Energy provides the tools and technologies to enhance convenience, efficiency, and security in your home.

Both Vivint Energy and Vivint Solar provide excellent services and products, ensuring that you can find a solution tailored to your lifestyle and energy needs. Consider your long-term goals and immediate needs to decide which service aligns best with your home and personal preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vivint solar part of Vivint?

In 2020, Sunrun acquired Vivint Solar and Vivint Solar currently operates under the Sunrun brand.

Is Vivint a good company?

Vivint is one of the strongest smart home security systems. From its smart touchscreen control panel called the Vivint Smart Hub to its AI-powered security cameras, Vivint delivers a unique smart home security experience that no other security system on the market can match.

Does Vivint have solar?

Yes! As of 2021, Vivint Smart Home now offers Smart Energy, including solar panels and batteries. Work with your installer to find out what is available to you.

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