U.S Department Of Energy Announces $24 million for Solar-Thermal and Industrial Decarbonization Advancement 

The U.S Department of Energy, known as the DOE, has announced $24 million to advance Solar thermal and Industrial Decarbonization technologies. This $24 million has been awarded to ten different research partners to solely promote the upcoming generation of technology.

The award was announced at the International Energy Agency’s Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems (SolarPACES) conference in Albuquerque. 

The upcoming generation technology that turns out to be solar thermal technology uses the sun’s energy to get heat for electricity manufacturing and Industrial clarifying. The project partners are divided into two, five on different sides, and each partner is to handle each of the projects given to them excellently.

One of the team partners, making five partners in a team, will make it the centre of attention on the advancement of industrial utilization for this technology, especially when it is dealing with cement, hydrogen and sectors that deal with chemicals and help in the promotion.

The other five partners in the other team will contribute their support to the Department of Energy S100 million project. The $100 million project has to deal with developing next-generation CSP plants, which are used to get low-cost electricity every day.

The announcement of the $24 million will aid the advancement concerning the growth and development of solar thermal technology. In addition, this announcement will also help President Joe Biden achieve its net zero economic strategies by 2050.

‘Solar-thermal technologies provide us with a significant opportunity to upgrade and reduce emissions of industrial plants across the nation while meeting America’s energy needs with reliable, around the clock power generation. DOE’s investments will drive the innovation necessary to build out a clean energy economy and meet our climate goals while diversifying the sources of dependable and readily available clean energy,’ said U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm.

CSP Technologies 

Concentrating solar thermal power, popularly known as CSP, can be used to do so many things. CSP utilizes a mirror for the concentration of sun in a receiver. CSP can be used to generate light using a transformer, and It can also be used to give heat to different industrial components.

CSP can be used for water distillation, food purification, chemical manufacturing and Mineral filtering. The awardees who are lucky to have been given this project will do much work to bring results.

They will have to investigate, experiment, expand and demonstrate plans to bring forth the energy sector’s decarbonization by manufacturing Solar thermal technologies for power and electricity.

Concentrated solar thermal technology can increase power due to increased flexibility through thermal storage and free carbon industrial procedure in the United States. 

Department of Energy has also released a map. The national renewable energy laboratory created this map was created mainly for guiding and experimenting with the teams and partners but primarily for the partners in charge of concentrating sunlight.

The sunlight concentration takes about 40% of the Solar thermal development, so the map the heliostats need to do should be necessary to make an early impact on the solar thermal.

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