Thailand’s Push into Renewable Energy with a New HydroFloating Solar Hybrid Project

Thailand has taken a big leap in green energy. The folks at the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) have kicked off a super cool 24 MW project that combines solar and water power at Ubol Ratana Dam, which is found in Khon Kaen province. This project is super important for Thailand as it helps the country use more clean energy by mixing together solar power, hydropower, and some fancy energy storage stuff.

Ubol Ratana Dam Project, A Smart Mix of Power Tech

The project is teamwork between Thai and Chinese companies, and it’s pretty smart. There are these floating solar panels right on the water along with the dam’s hydropower capabilities. They’ve also got this powerful Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and clever systems to manage all that juice they’re making. The cool part about this setup? It soaks up sunlight for power during sunshine hours and when night comes, it switches to using water power. That BESS thing makes sure no one misses a beat when swapping from sun to water power.

This is a story about solar panels that float on water. They cover less than 1% of the lake surface and let just enough sunlight through to help underwater plants and animals stay healthy. EGAT, the company behind this project, wants to take care of nature while using the lake for energy.

Thailand’s Big Green Energy Plan

This floating solar panel project at Ubol Ratana Dam is part of a big plan from EGAT. They want to put solar setups on nine dams with 16 projects in total! The goal is to make more than 2,700 megawatts of power. This fits with Thailand’s goal to use more clean energy. By 2037, they hope over half of their electricity will come from sources like wind and sun.

  • This is about smart power, These projects use cool technology to guess the weather and control how much electricity they make. This makes sure people can always have power when they need it.

This is a simple guide about what’s happening with energy and community in Thailand. This is electric power made by the sun on water. It’s at the Ubol Ratana Dam and makes lots of clean energy. This is working with fish experts in Thailand to help save sea creatures and support those who catch fish. This is a new shrimp farm that will use solar power. People can learn here to make money on their own. This is a big step for working together around the world and helping locals grow. The new solar place on the dam shows good teamwork between Chinese and Thai businesses. 

Not only does this help Thailand use more clean energy but it also brings better jobs and life to people in Northeast Thailand. The Chinese part of this project shows it’s important because it means better lives for locals there.

This is a Deputy Governor from EGAT, Dr. Jiraporn Sirikum, talking about a big deal in Thailand’s energy world. She says that the project makes clean energy and keeps power steady in Thailand which is really important. At the same time Liu Hongmei who works as the Chinese Consul General in Khon Kaen talks about how this project will make life better for people living in Northeast Thailand.

Looking Forward, Thailand’s Renewable Energy Landscape

This is the Ubol Ratana Dam project moving Thailand towards cutting down on carbon and showing everyone how to mix new types of energy together well. EGAT doesn’t want to stop at one. they have plans for 14 more projects like this around the country. This is their way of trying to lower CO2 emissions and keep up with how countries worldwide are using energy these days.

As Thailand keeps heading down this road of using cleaner energy the Ubol Ratana Dam project with its solar panels on water is leading the way. It’s all about coming up with smart ideas that help save nature while also helping out the economy and society.

This is progress, starting a fresh phase of clean energy in Southeast Asia and other places.

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