Taylor Farms To Install a 450,000 sq. ft Microgrid Facility

Taylor farms will collaborate with Bloom energy, Ameresco Inc, and Concept Clean Energy to build a 450,000 sq. ft microgrid facility. As the biggest producer of healthy nutrients foods and vegetables, it will be able to grow the California food processing company and take it off the traditional energy grid.

The power directors have decided to put together six megawatts of Bloom energy cells; two megawatts of solar electricity from Concept clean energy, and 2 megawatts and 4 MW/h power units into the microgrid. The microgrid will supply electricity to power the 450,000 square fit company in San Juan Bautista, California, and roughly 4,500 homes. 

Taylor farms’ decision to at least provide healthy vegetables and goods to its client is commendable. Installing a Microgrid will ensure that the Taylor farm can provide the best vegetables to its customers all year round. The cooperation of Bloom Energy, Concept clean energy, and Taylor farms will bring many good results and achievements. 

The alliance brings the offering combination of each company’s strengths relating to its technology and what it can offer. The offer will range from Power source ability to generate electricity, 24/7 electricity, power gotten from solar during the day, and stored energy gain from batteries which help the company to enjoy all day electricity and saves cost. Companies only tend to use microgrids for electricity. However, Taylor farms have decided that they don’t only use it for electricity but also get more sales and power stability, especially with the collaboration done with Bloom Energy company and Concept Clean Energy. 

The microgrid facility will combine fuel cells and solar and battery storage systems. The fuel cells will depend on electrochemical reactions to generate electricity rather than combustion. While they run on natural gas, a switch to hydrogen may occur later.

‘We are looking forward to the energy stability this will provide our San Juan Bautista, California facility. Fresh food reliability is essential for our customers, and it’s more critical than ever to provide quality, fresh foods to North Americans,’ said Bruce Taylor, Chairman, and CEO of Taylor Farms.

‘Our partnership with Taylor Farms and Ameresco is a landmark demonstration of innovative, clean energy companies’ capabilities to provide uninterrupted low-carbon power to large-scale facilities,’ said Sharelynn Moore, EVP, Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer, Bloom Energy. ‘Our decade-long relationship with Taylor Farms is culminating in this leading application of what a microgrid can do – enabling America’s largest producer of packaged products to maintain and improve the reliability of their power.’

Ameresco EVP Michael Bakas stated, ‘Ameresco is excited to partner with Bloom and Taylor Farms on a transformative project demonstrating innovation in advanced energy technologies. We look forward to this project serving as a blueprint for others as the role for baseload; dispatchable alternative energy sources serve as the cornerstone for resiliency in microgrids.’ 

The collaboration built between Taylor farm, Bloom Energy, and Concept clean energy will yield more productive results and lay a strong foundation for those who wish to learn them. The Taylor farm customers will also enjoy good foods and vegetables and impact the lives of the people and citizens.

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