Is Sunrun Solar east peoria a good choice? Expert Review

Sunrun Solar, a leading name in the solar energy industry, has established a significant presence in East Peoria. With many homeowners eager to embrace renewable energy, Sunrun promises substantial savings and a sustainable future. But what do actual users think about their services? 

Is Sunrun Solar East Peoria a Good Choice?

Based on customer reviews, Sunrun Solar in East Peoria appears to be a solid choice for solar energy solutions. Customers have praised the smooth installation process, knowledgeable representatives, and significant energy savings. However, some have noted occasional communication delays and minor installation issues. Overall, the advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages, making Sunrun a reliable option for those considering solar energy.

This article delves into reviews from Sunrun Solar customers in East Peoria, highlighting the pros, cons, and overall customer experiences.

Sunrun Solar East Peoria Reviews

Pros Cons
  • Smooth Installation Process
  • Knowledgeable Representatives
  • Significant Savings on Energy Bills
  • No Out-of-Pocket Costs for Some
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Occasional Delays in Communication
  • Minor Installation Issues
  • Slow Customer Service Response
  • Some Maintenance Challenges


One of the most frequently praised aspects of Sunrun Solar is the smooth installation process. Customers have consistently highlighted how hassle-free the transition to solar energy has been. One user mentioned that from the initial consultation to the final installation, everything was handled professionally and efficiently. The representative provided clear and detailed explanations, ensuring that the customer understood each step of the process.

The professionalism and support offered by Sunrun representatives are also highly appreciated. Many customers have shared positive experiences with their assigned representatives who provided continuous updates and support throughout the installation process. One customer mentioned how the representative was always available to answer questions, making the experience much less daunting.

Savings on energy bills is another significant advantage. Numerous customers have reported noticeable reductions in their electricity bills post-installation. For instance, one customer shared that their monthly electric bill dropped to just $10 after switching to solar energy. These savings are particularly impactful during the summer months when energy consumption tends to be higher.


Despite the many positive reviews, some customers have faced challenges. Communication delays have been a common issue. Several customers have expressed frustration with slow responses when they encountered problems or had questions. This delay in communication has been a point of contention, emphasizing the need for Sunrun to improve its customer service response times.

There have also been instances of minor installation issues. While most installations are smooth, a few customers have reported initial problems with the installation crew. However, these issues were typically resolved satisfactorily, though they added an extra layer of inconvenience for the homeowners involved.

Customer Experiences

  1. The overall customer experiences with Sunrun Solar in East Peoria have been largely positive. One customer expressed immense satisfaction with the professionalism and thoroughness of the representative who guided them through the process. 
  2. The representative’s ability to provide clear and concise information helped alleviate any concerns the customer had about switching to solar energy.
  3. Another customer was particularly pleased with the significant savings on their energy bills. They noted that their electric bill had reduced dramatically, and they were excited to see how much they would save in the coming months. 
  4. This positive financial impact is a common theme among Sunrun Solar customers, reinforcing the company’s promise of cost savings through solar energy.


In summary, Sunrun Solar in East Peoria has received favorable reviews for its professional service, significant energy savings, and knowledgeable representatives. While there are areas for improvement, especially in communication and customer service response times, the overall advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages. If you’re considering switching to solar energy, Sunrun Solar in East Peoria offers a compelling option with a strong track record of customer satisfaction. The positive experiences shared by numerous customers highlight the potential benefits of embracing solar energy, making Sunrun a promising choice for your solar needs.


1. What does Sunrun offer in terms of solar products, warranties, and financing options?

Sunrun offers a great selection of solar products, two warranties, and multiple financing options. It also has a large service area compared to many solar companies. However, the company has received mixed customer reviews regarding its service.

2. Which company is better, Sunrun or SunPower?

SunPower is priced higher than Sunrun due to its superior system quality and customized parts. SunPower uses high-efficiency panels and in-house system equipment to optimize energy production. Homeowners pay more for a higher-quality system, leading to better energy savings.

3. Is Sunrun owned by Costco?

Yes, Costco has a partnership with Sunrun and sells its products and services. If you buy a Sunrun solar panel system through Costco, you can receive a Costco cash card worth 10% of your total solar equipment cost. For example, if your system is worth $16,500, you’d earn a Costco card worth $1,650.


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