SolarTech’s Custom Solar Solution Elevates Mossy Nissan Chula Vista

As companies around the world move toward green practices, SolarTech, a leader in solar energy based in California, has led an innovative project for Mossy Nissan Chula Vista. This project serves environmental purposes and greatly reduces operational expenses, creating a new benchmark for auto dealerships.

The Challenge of Rising Costs

In the sunny area of Chula Vista, Mossy Nissan was dealing with growing energy costs and other maintenance issues that threatened its profits and customer satisfaction. The dealership, known for its large and varied stock, faced increased expenses from San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE) and damage due to long term exposure to severe weather.

Innovative Solar Solutions

To solve these problems, SolarTech developed a custom solar energy system specifically for Mossy Nissan. This extensive solution


  • We have installed high efficiency rooftop panels and solar carports which are optimally placed to soak up maximum sunlight. They also protect the vehicles all year round.
  • We aim to offset 100% of our annual electrical usage, effectively making the dealership self sufficient in terms of energy.
  • This initiative boosts Mossy Nissan’s image as a leader in sustainability, aligning with the environmental values important to our customers.

Impact and Efficiency

Peter Mossy, President of Mossy Automotive Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the project, “Working with SolarTech shows our dedication to innovation and caring for the environment while meeting our business goals. The solar setup greatly cuts down our operating costs and improves the longevity of our vehicle inventory.”

The process of obtaining permits, usually slow for solar projects, progressed quickly this time around. Thanks to SolarTech’s thorough knowledge of local building regulations and strong ties with permit authorities, this forward thinking strategy led to finishing the project 25% quicker than expected. This significant speed in completion minimised any disruptions for the dealership.

Economic and Environmental Impact

The setup of a powerful 391kW solar system with 990 panels was a big investment that started showing financial benefits quickly. In its first year, Mossy Nissan cut its energy bills by $98,713. With energy costs usually rising, the dealership could save over $6 million during the system’s operational life.

About SolarTech

Established in 2001, SolarTech has grown into a prominent provider of creative solar solutions. The firm is dedicated to producing high quality, sustainable projects that cater to the specific demands of its clients, which range from homes and businesses to nonprofit organisations. Their expert team ensures each project is completed flawlessly, always prioritising safety and efficiency from the initial phase to the final touches.


The teamwork between Mossy Nissan Chula Vista and SolarTech demonstrates how solar technology can revolutionise business functions. This alliance helps cut operational costs, boosts asset protection, and highlights Mossy Nissan’s commitment to environmental sustainability. It serves as a prime example for businesses considering green energy solutions.

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