Solar Panel Company Faces Hefty Fines for Deceptive Practices in Kansas

Design 1 Group LLC, a solar panel company in Tennessee, has faced significant legal action. The Sedgwick County District Attorney’s office has issued $220,977 to the company. This happens after they determined that Design 1 Group LLC was involved in misleading business conducts, breaching multiple parts of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act (KCPA).

Investigation and Legal Actions

After receiving complaints from unhappy customers around Wichita, the Consumer Protection Division of the District Attorney’s office began an investigation into Design 1 Group LLC. The findings were troubling,

  • The company did not have an appropriate service license.
  • It gave false information regarding permits and inspection schedules.
  • Clients were misled about rebates and correct installation procedures for solar systems.
  • The necessary tools required to connect solar panels to the power network were not included.
  • The company did not provide buyers with a legally required three day notice for cancelling their purchase.

To address these issues, the court decided that Design 1 Group LLC must pay $106,780 in restitution to the affected customers. The firm is also ordered to pay $110,000 in civil fines and cover all court expenses and investigation costs. Furthermore, Judge Faith Johnson has banned the company from operating in Kansas until it obtains all necessary licenses and permits.

Tips for Consumers Buying Solar Systems

The District Attorney’s office has shared a guide to help people buy solar systems wisely. This guide emphasizes understanding several important aspects when choosing a system. Aspects of solar system ownership,

System Lifespan and Transferability

Customers need to think about how long they plan to stay at home, because most solar systems last about 20 years. It’s also important to check if you can transfer the solar agreement if you sell the house, and what impact that might have on the property’s value.

Understanding Costs and Financing

Clients must grasp the entire expense of the solar setup, including different payment options. They should also know when and how they might get any rebates or tax benefits.

Benefits and Operational Knowledge

It is important for clients to know how much power their system will produce and its storage capacity. Knowing the best placement for panels usually south facing is crucial for getting the most energy from them.

Seller Credibility and Warranties

Prior to buying a solar system, customers should investigate their seller’s reputation. Checking warranties provided by trine before buying a solar power system, customers should check if the seller has the required licence and read reviews to confirm that the company supports its products. Also, understand what maintenance the system needs, learn about the warranty, and find out who covers damage caused by extreme weather or other outside factors.

If you encounter problems or want to file a complaint, visit the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s website for help. They provide contact details like phone numbers and email addresses along with an online form to submit complaints.

This example highlights how crucial it is for consumers to remain alert and stresses that businesses in the solar power sector must follow ethical guidelines and legal rules strictly. As more people choose renewable energy, authorities are becoming more careful about overseeing business actions to prevent dishonest practices.

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