Best Solar Companies In Southern California

Residents in California who want to switch to solar electricity may be hesitant at first. Not only are there a lot of technical languages to wade through, but the state has roughly 2,000 solar suppliers.

As a result, it’s critical to start with the easy, no-pressure step of gathering a few estimates from the top California solar installers and hearing what they have to say about your home’s qualities.

5 Best Solar Companies in Southern California

We’ve compiled all the necessary information in this comprehensive guide to help you narrow your search to the finest solar providers in California.

We examined solar panel alternatives, warranties, potential tax breaks, and other factors to assist you in selecting the best solar contractor for your house.

1. Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar is our highest recommendation for a solar installation firm. The organization only offers its services in states with well-established net-metering systems. Net-metering is a procedure in which your utility provider measures the excess energy generated by your solar system. The metered amount is then deducted from your electric bill, allowing you to save or earn money.

Momentum’s restricted availability also allows them to focus more on service and quality than other solar installation firms. Momentum offers virtual consultations through Zoom to make the solar installation procedure more convenient. You will supply a copy of your power bill for the last 12 months of power used throughout this procedure so that Momentum can optimize your savings.

2. Sunrun

Pure Power Ford

If you’re constructing a new house or replacing your roof, now is an excellent time to invest in a Sunrun solar power system. For example, the Builder Choice New Homes Program provides considerable benefits to residential house builders.

This programme, designed for code compliance in each state in which Sunrun operates, provides a specialized team to handle all the problematic documentation necessary by local utility companies and other bureaucratic California institutions. It also works with your preferred roofers to subcontract all labour and guarantee the system is activated and working well before authorizing you to operate (PTO).

3. Orange County Solar

Orange County Solar Installation is a unique solar installation company that uses Premium Solar panels. They are a Panasonic Premium Installer and provide a selection of premium panels.

OC keeps its overhead minimal to pass on the savings to the client. This also contributes to the rapid and dependable process, allowing for direct dealings with the owner. Orange County Solar’s premium financing options include terms of 8, 10, and 12 years at 2.99% and 15 and 20 years at 3.99%.

4. Tesla Energy

Because of its electric automobiles, Tesla is one of the most well-known names in renewable energy. Tesla also sells cutting-edge solar energy equipment and primarily provides solar shingles, which are used to create a solar roof.

Solar shingles are solar panels that look like roof tiles. This provides a sleek, low-profile style that protects the visual value of your property while avoiding the often distracting sight of solar panels.

Tesla is also well-known in the solar business for its solar battery, the Tesla Powerwall. This energy storage system provides backup during power failures and at night. Combining  Tesla’s solar roof and Powerwall with its mobile app offers a fully integrated, attractive, personalized solar system that can be monitored 24/7 from anywhere.

5. Stellar Solar

Stellar Solar, named San Diego’s top solar business in 2021, employs a consultative, instructional, no-pressure approach to home and commercial solar installations.

This company benefits from this method, as the company has excellent customer evaluations and relies on a thriving referral network. It carries the greatest solar equipment from SunPower, Enphase, Panasonic, LG, and other manufacturers.

Features to Look at While Choosing The Best Solar Companies in Southern California

Remember that everyone’s demands vary when it comes to solar, so what may be the greatest solar business for your neighbour may not be the best solar company for you. When selecting the best provider for your installation, consider the following considerations and prioritize what is vital to you:

1. Services Offered

For starters, different solar providers may provide somewhat other services. Most California residents would prefer a provider that offers a complete variety of services, from the first consultation through panel installation to apply for financial incentives. However, you may also require special services such as home energy efficiency modifications or installing an EV charger.

2. Installation Process

Consider the exact stages involved in panel installation. How long will it take to install your solar panels? Is the solar company insured? Will the panels be installed by a skilled firm employee or a third-party contractor?

3. Solar Pricing and Budgeting

Solar systems might provide sticker shock, but bear in mind that you’ll save money in the long term due to lower energy expenses. Furthermore, California provides statewide solar subsidies that might help you decrease these initial expenditures. Budget is essential for homes contemplating solar, and some firms are more accommodating than others.

4. Incentives, Rebates and Tax Credits

After switching to solar energy, you may be eligible for solar rebates and federal tax credits in California. Will your solar installation provider assist you in making these arrangements? Make sure to ask your provider about what’s available in your region. Even better, inquire whether the organization has prior experience with these incentives.

5. Warranty

Finally, we recommend looking for an installation that provides a strong warranty. Panels may last 25 to 30 years, and you’ll want to safeguard your investment for as long as possible. The best solar contractors will provide a 25-year warranty on the roof, performance, and craftsmanship.

The Bottom Line

California is poised for solar energy investment. The state provides an abundance of sunlight, tax breaks and subsidies, and top-tier solar installation firms.

Momentum Solar provides an exceptional blend of solar goods and skilled installation services. Combining its solar panels with a proven California net-metering scheme can help your town come closer to sustainable energy while saving you money.

Tesla is also well-known for its user-friendly design, which provides customized solutions everywhere.

We recommend obtaining quotations from three different solar installers in your ZIP code to evaluate options.

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