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Aalborg University has perhaps the only dedicated microgrid program.  Their intelligent DC Microgrid Living Lab is on the cutting edge of efficient and novel management of distributed energy resources. They are also collaborating on a DC Microgrid in China.

Microgrid Systems Laboratory is a collaborative effort by a range of global leaders in electricity delivery, R&D, manufacturing, standards, regulation, and systems integration, MSL’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a more resilient, sustainable, and accessible system, and to alleviate “energy poverty” worldwide.

The key elements of the Lab are: the Microgrid Innovation Consortium, developed and operated by the Santa Fe Innovation Park, for applied R&D, cross-sector collaboration, human factors, and simulation and modeling; the Microgrid Certification Center, a comprehensive testing and validation facility, for performance and interoperability standards at the system and sub-system module levels; and the Microgrid Education Center, operated by Santa Fe Community College, to meet future human resource needs. In summary, the Lab brings three components together in one integrated complex, as depicted in the graphic above, with a scope spanning RDD&E (research, development, demonstration, and education). MSL is a not-for-profit, pre-competitive innovation consortium.

UCSD is a practical leader in campus microgrid development.  The campus-wide UCSD Microgrid has collaborated with over 15 energy storage, power management, and electric vehicle companies.