Pertamina to Support Indonesia’s 2060 Net Zero Emissions Goal  

Pertamina to Support Indonesia’s 2060 Net Zero Emissions Goal

PT Pertamina (Persero) energy company has declared support for Indonesia’s aspiration to attain net zero emissions by 2060. PT Pertamina is a State Oil and Natural Gas Mining Company based in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital and largest city.

Indonesia recently increased its target for greenhouse gas emissions. She would meet a mark of 31.89 percent with her efforts and 43.20 percent with help from international organizations through the Enhanced Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) document.

‘In terms of emission reduction, Pertamina has set a target of 30 percent emission reduction in 2030, versus our 2010 baseline,’ Pertamina’s president director and CEO Nicke Widyawati stated during a panel discussion of UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Egypt, on Sunday.

Pertamina came up with two holistic strategies to reach its target; the decarbonization of business activities and the development of new green businesses. Aside from the two, operations include carbon accounting standards approved by national and international regulation, Pertamina Internal Carbon Price implementation, and a thorough stakeholder engagement to support NZE’s target and commitment.

One of the tactics Pertamina wishes to explore is bringing up green businesses, which will be able to reduce about 26 million tons of CO2 by 2060. It targets a New Renewable Energy (NRE) capacity of 60GW from solar, wind, hydro, power, and geothermal sources. As a company, it will incur a battery production capacity of up to 80 gigawatts per hour, sell 800,000 electric vehicles, and have a 1.5 TWh charging station in 2060. 

Pertamina has a long-term investment plan to support this target. They have an estimated budget of US$40 billion for renewable energy sources, biofuels, hydrogen, battery and EV ecosystem, and carbon business.

In 2021, Pertamina successfully reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 7.4 million metric tons of about 29.09 percent carbon, compared to the 2010 baseline.


Pertamina could reduce by reducing non-routine emissions from in-house processes. 

The director added that Pertamina’s prowess is enormous, helping to accelerate green business development across the integrated value chain.

‘Pertamina is committed to supporting the Indonesian government’s commitment to achieving net zero by 2060 or sooner. As an energy company, Pertamina has a big responsibility to be a pillar of achieving net zero emissions in Indonesia, on the principles of affordability and fairness,’ she concluded.

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