Ormat Technologies Acquires Renewable Asset Portfolio from Enel Green Power North America

Ormat Technologies Inc. has just wrapped up a big deal – they bought a bunch of eco-friendly assets from Enel Green Power North America (EGPNA) for a hefty $271 million. This move is a game-changer for Ormat, bumping up their profile in the world of green energy.

The Lowdown on the Deal

Okay so here’s the scoop: Ormat Technologies shelled out $271 million to take over this portfolio lock, stock, and barrel. They’ve snagged an interesting blend of earth warmth and sun-powered stuff:

  • A couple of geothermal power stations that are already up and running
  • An all-in-one geothermal, solar PV, plus solar thermal power station
  • A pair of solar projects that can crank out 40 MW together
  • The chance to get two new projects going from scratch

Digging Into What Ormat Scored

So what exactly did Ormat get their hands on? Well, here’s a rundown:

  • Cove Fort geothermal power plant: Tucked away in Beaver County, Utah, this sucker produces electricity using underground heat and sells it to the Salt River Project thanks to a solid long-term contract.
  • Salt Wells geothermal power plant: You’ll find this baby in Churchill County, Nevada. It has a similar set-up, with a permanent power purchase agreement (PPA) in place with NV Energy.
  • Stillwater Hybrid plant: This nifty setup is also in Churchill County, Nevada. It’s rocking a geothermal unit, solar PV panels, and solar thermal tech. And guess what? It also peddles electricity under a long-term PPA with NV Energy.

The package also tosses in two sun-powered operations that can pump out 40 MW when they’re going full tilt, plus the opportunity to kick off two more projects – one right next to Cove Fort and another tucked away in California where there are heaps of geothermal potential.

Paying for It All and Counting the Cash

To foot the bill for this shopping spree, Ormat dipped into their cash reserves and took on $200 million in debt that they plan to pay back over the long haul. They’re betting this will immediately start padding their earnings and EBITDA. On top of that, Ormat’s head honcho Doron Blachar can’t wait to turbocharge these new toys by hooking them up with some top-shelf Ormat gear and other techie upgrades.

Strategic Importance for Ormat

Ormat sees buying these assets as a way to strengthen its role in the renewable energy market. Adding them to Ormat’s group of assets should increase value for shareholders now and later. It also shows Ormat’s dedication to promoting renewable energy around the world.

Enel’s Perspective and Strategic Shift

Enel views selling these assets as a key step to cutting down debt and making its global presence more efficient. The sale should help lower Enel’s total net debt by about 250 million euros, but it might have a small dip effect on their reported net earnings.

After this deal, Enel will have close to 9.7 GW of renewable capability in North America. The company’s new chief, Flavio Cattaneo, points to a change in plans, with a focus now on crafting solar panels in the US through a partnership and less emphasis on setting up lots of electric car charging spots.

Future Prospects and Industry Impact

The deal fits with the support from the Biden government for shifts towards cleaner energy. Enel had already laid out plans to build a factory for solar cells and panels in Oklahoma to produce 3 GW every year, hoping to start by late 2024.

Enhancing Renewable Energy Capabilities

With Ormat in charge of these new energy assets, they’re set to greatly improve their ability to produce renewable energy. The reliable geothermal plants they’ve gotten their hands on balance out the changeable nature of solar energy. This mix is vital for Ormat’s goal to supply dependable and green energy options.

Ormat’s Strategy

Ormat aims to boost the performance of its new assets. The firm will bring in better operations and tech for greater efficiency and production. These changes should bump up power generation, sales, and EBITDA figures.


Ormat Technologies’ purchase of Enel Green Power North America’s green assets marks a big step in clean energy. It highlights the industry’s pivot to sustainable power. This acquisition grows Ormat’s offerings and meshes with the shift towards renewables. Check out Ormat’s official website here for more info.

Image Source: GiangimoreCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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