Meyer Burger to Shut Down Plant in Germany and Pivot to the U.S.

Meyer Burger, a Swiss solar panel maker, has made a big change in how they make things. They’ve decided to stop making solar modules at their Freiberg, Germany, plant in March 2024. This is because they’ve been losing money in Europe and now want to focus on getting better at making these products in the U.S.

Problems in Europe

This choice by Meyer Burger comes from the tough market in Europe, where there are too many solar modules and their prices are too low. The company pointed out that there’s no strong help from government policies to fix this problem, and that’s why they’re beginning to shut down the Freiberg location.

Even with stopping their production, Meyer Burger said they would keep selling in Europe. They’ve promised customers their products will have warranties lasting up to 30 years. The company is also asking for government help, which many other solar companies in Europe are worried about too.

Manufacturers have been pushing the European Union to pass urgent actions to protect the industry from the danger of going bankrupt.

Strategic Pivot to the U.S.

The Swiss firm is turning its attention to the United States, asking its shareholders for the green light on a new share offering that could bring in as much as CHF 250 million ($284 million). They plan to use this cash to finish building their plants in Colorado and Arizona, which are each expected to pump out 2 GW of product.

Gunter Erfurt, the big boss at Meyer Burger, talked up how great the U.S. market looks right now, helped by a sweet deal called the “45X” tax credit under the US Inflation Reduction Act and maybe a loan from the U.S. Department of Energy. On top of that, there’s talk about a promise of backup from the German government’s export agency.

Impact on the Solar Industry

The shutting down of Meyer Burger’s Freiberg plant which was Europe’s top dog in solar module making shows a pretty big change happening in the world’s solar manufacturing landscape.

Meyer Burger is shifting its focus to the U.S. This change points to the company’s new direction and highlights the problems that the European solar market is facing because of tough competition from China and attractive policies like the Inflation Reduction Act in America.

The company’s move to America shows a wider pattern where solar companies are looking for places with better laws to succeed. Meyer Burger’s choice shines a light on the need for Europe to take action so their solar industry can compete and last.

Looking Ahead

With Meyer Burger concentrating more on America, it has big effects on Europe’s plans for clean energy and being selfsufficient in making solar products. The company’s move is a loud warning to Europe’s leaders to tackle the solar industry’s big obstacles. It’s important to make sure Europe stays

Meyer Burger relies too much on other countries for its solar energy products. This change shows how quickly the worldwide solar market moves. Things like politics, the economy, and rules all play a role in how companies like Meyer Burger make their plans. Now that they’re starting fresh in the United States, the solar energy field keeps changing because of new ideas, government changes, and a strong focus on being green.


Meyer Burger moving from Germany to the U.S. shows how the global solar industry is shifting. With tough markets in Europe, the company is heading to the U.S, looking for better chances thanks to helpful policies and money incentives. This step isn’t just about the company adjusting to stay ahead. it’s also a nudge for European leaders to up their game in supporting renewable energy.

The solar manufacturing field is growing because more people are turning to renewable energy every day. Companies such as Meyer Burger are going to be super important for the future of how we make and share solar energy.

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