Maxeon Solar Technologies Exhibiting, New Products at Intersolar Europe 2024

Maxeon Solar Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ, MAXN), an international pioneer in solar technology, has confirmed its attendance at Intersolar Europe 2024 from June 1921. Maxeon will display its most recent SunPower branded energy solutions and superior solar panel technologies at Booth A1.350.

Innovative Products on Display

Maxeon plans to feature its extensive home energy system at Intersolar Europe that includes a range of products and services to assist homeowners in managing their energy use and improving the utilisation of clean self generated energy. Key products to be showcased include,

  • Maxeon 7 Solar Panels: These panels have an efficiency exceeding 24% and high tolerance to shade, generating twice as much energy over time compared to alternative solar panels. They also come with a comprehensive 40 year warranty for power, product, and service.
  • Performance 7 Solar Panels: The newest addition to Maxson’s Performance series, these panels leverage high efficiency TOPCon cell technology for improved aesthetics and increased mono or bifacial energy production. Their lower temperature coefficient enhances performance in warm climates. These also included a 30 year power, product, and service warranty.
  • SunPower Reserve Battery Storage: An innovative home energy storage solution.
  • SunPower Drive EV Charger: An updated EV charging solution compatible with the SunPower One app.

The Advancements of Maxeon 7 Solar Panels

The performance and durability of the Maxeon 7 panels are exceptional. Recent field tests have shown a 70% lower average temperature increase in partial shade for Maxeon 7 IBC cells compared to other technologies, thus greatly reducing the likelihood of hotspots. These panels aim to redefine expectations in the photovoltaic industry.

Benefits of Performance 7 Panels

The Performance 7 solar panels from Maxeon feature high efficiency TOP Con cell technology. In addition to improving aesthetics, these panels boost energy output in both mono and bifacial configurations and have an excellent performance record in hot climates.

SunPower One App’s Contribution to Energy Management

The SunPower One app is a significant element of Maxeon’s integrated energy solutions. It offers detailed energy usage data, indicating which devices are using electricity within the home. This information assists users in optimising PV production, battery capacity, and EV charging schedules for maximum cost savings.

Introducing Maxeon Air, Groundbreaking Flexible Solar Panel

A key highlight at Intersolar Europe is Maxeon Air, an ingenious flexible solar panel technology based on the company’s IBC cells. Being thin, lightweight, and without a frame makes them ideal for unique installations that require less roof weights leading to reductions in logistics and installation expenses.

Interactive IBC Cell Lab

At the Maxeon booth, visitors can discover the company’s IBC Cell Lab. This engaging exhibit demonstrates actual performance of solar cells including bespoke cells for consumer products like solar cars and watches.

Dedication to Sustainability and Human Rights

On June 20th, Maxeon will join discussions at the European Solar PV Industry Alliance (ESIA) Forum about resilience and sustainability within the PV industry. The firm aims to emphasise its role in preventing forced labour in the solar supply chain and upholding human rights.

About Maxeon Solar Technologies

Maxeon Solar Technologies, based in Singapore (NASDAQ, MAXN), has over 35 years of industry leadership and holds more than 1,900 patents. The firm creates innovative and sustainable solar panels and energy solutions for residential, commercial, and power plant clients. The integrated home energy management system from Maxeon is supported by award winning Maxeon and SunPower branded solar panels.

Looking to the Future

This announcement includes forward looking statements about the outlook on Maxeon’s technology, future performance, expansion plans, and other strategic objectives. This information relies on current assumptions and anticipations containing substantial risks that can make actual results differ significantly. For an extensive risk discussion please refer to the company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


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