Kentucky’s Unbridled Solar Project Marks a Renewable Energy Milestone

Kentucky, a state historically reliant on coal, is witnessing a significant shift in its energy landscape with the construction of the Unbridled Solar project. National Grid Renewables’ 160MW solar array, a groundbreaking initiative in Kentucky, is set to become operational in 2024. This project, located in Webster and Henderson counties, marks a decisive move away from the state’s coal-dependent past.

The Scale and Impact of Unbridled

  • Capacity and Location: The Unbridled solar project, situated about 40 miles south of Evansville, Indiana, and 160 miles southwest of Louisville, will have a nameplate capacity 13 times larger than the current largest array, the EW Brown facility in Harrodsburg.
  • Economic Benefits: With an estimated $42 million in direct economic impact over its first 20 years, Unbridled is set to create at least 200 jobs and generate over $11 million in new tax revenue. Additionally, local farmers and landowners will benefit from more than $24 million in payments.

Kentucky’s Energy Landscape

Despite its coal-dominated history, Kentucky ranks 43rd in the U.S. with just 172 MW of installed solar power, accounting for less than half a percent of its power generation. The state has no operating utility-scale wind turbines and lacks mandates or targets for renewable energy.

  • Coal’s Decline: Coal production in Kentucky has plummeted by about 65% over the past decade due to competition from cheaper, more environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • Future of Coal Plants: Several aging coal-fired power plants are slated for retirement, with controversial proposals to replace them with natural gas and solar energy.

Transition to Renewable Energy

The landmark US climate law signed by President Joe Biden in 2022 offers lucrative federal tax credits for solar projects in Kentucky, especially in former coal communities. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) projects that Kentucky could add up to 3.3 GW of solar capacity in the next five years.

Other Solar Initiatives in Kentucky

  • LG&E and KU Solar Plans: State regulators have approved a proposal by Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities to install 877 MW of solar generation capacity, accompanied by 500 MWh of battery energy storage.
  • Starfire Renewable Energy Center: An 800-MW solar farm is planned at the site of the former Starfire Mine, representing a $1 billion investment.

Statements from Key Players

Blake Nixon, President of National Grid Renewables, expressed pride and excitement in constructing Kentucky’s largest solar renewable energy project. Bob Berry, CEO of Big Rivers Electric, highlighted the project’s contribution to the local economy and power supply. Rob Turner, VP of Construction for MasTec Renewables, shared enthusiasm for the partnership and future clean energy projects in the state.

Renewable Energy Prospects and Challenges

The development of the Unbridled project and other solar initiatives marks a significant change in Kentucky’s energy landscape, but it also presents challenges and opportunities. The state’s shift from a coal-dominated past to a more diverse energy mix involves navigating economic, environmental, and social factors.

  • Economic Transition: The decline in coal production and employment necessitates new avenues for economic growth. Renewable energy projects like Unbridled offer new jobs and revenue streams, potentially revitalizing communities affected by the coal industry’s downturn.
  • Environmental Considerations: The move towards solar energy aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. Kentucky’s adoption of solar energy, despite its minimal contribution to the state’s total energy output, is a step towards a more sustainable future.
  • Social Impact: The transition impacts communities deeply rooted in coal culture. This shift requires not only infrastructural changes but also cultural and educational efforts to support communities through this transition.


The Unbridled Solar Project signifies a pivotal shift in Kentucky’s energy paradigm, transitioning from its coal-centric past to a more sustainable and diverse energy future. This project, along with other upcoming initiatives, underscores the state’s evolving approach toward cleaner energy sources. For more information on Kentucky’s renewable energy initiatives, visit the Solar Energy Industries Association’s Kentucky Solar page.

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