International Campaign Launched in Venice to Combat Microfiber Pollution Crisis

In a resolute response to the escalating crisis of microfiber pollution infiltrating our oceans, an international campaign titled Only One was unveiled in Venice. This ambitious initiative, backed by prominent organizations, aims to confront the alarming surge in microfiber concentrations plaguing the world’s seas and oceans. These minuscule plastic fibers, predominantly from clothing, have emerged as a formidable menace to marine ecosystems and human well-being.

Startling data underscores the gravity of the situation, with approximately 40 percent of microfibers detected in our oceans traced back to plastic sources. These diminutive plastic strands pervade the seas at a scale ranging from a minimum of one fiber per 50 liters to an alarming excess of 25 fibers per single liter of water, signaling an immediate call to action at their point of origin.

Of the staggering 13 million tons of plastic inundating our seas annually, one-third is attributed to microfibers discharged during the laundering of garments in washing machines. A single laundry load can release between 6 and 17 million microfibers, with a distressing 40 percent eluding filtration systems and wastewater treatment facilities, eventually infiltrating our oceans. This pollution poses not only a grave threat to marine life but also infiltrates our food chain.

The #stopmicrofibers campaign represents a robust rejoinder to this critical issue, endeavoring to amplify awareness regarding the perils of microfiber pollution. Plastic and microplastic pollution constitutes a global emergency, impacting every corner of the world’s oceans and seas, with a substantial portion of this pollution directly attributed to textile-origin microfibers. Their production has surged, reaching a staggering 120 million tons in 2019 alone. Microfibers now pervade every corner of our aquatic environments, with concentrations spanning from 1 fiber per 50 liters to a staggering 25 fibers per single liter of water. Documented ingestion by marine species has exceeded 90 percent in certain cases, with devastating consequences for these organisms.

To tackle this pressing crisis head-on, the Only One campaign is honing in on innovative solutions, with a particular focus on enhancing filtration systems—a pivotal stage aimed at curtailing the passage of microfibers into our oceans.

Francesco Misurelli, CEO of Beko Italy, a consumer electronics producer, emphasized the necessity of collective action, stating, “We embarked on the Only One campaign to instill a culture of sustainability through everyday actions. It is incumbent upon us to acknowledge the indispensable role that seas and oceans play in our world, bearing in mind that each of us ingests an average of 5 grams of plastic per week, primarily originating from synthetic clothing during the laundering process. In response, we have introduced the FiberCatcher, a patented solution, and are open to sharing it with our industry peers, recognizing that substantial results can only be achieved through collaborative endeavors.”

The fashion industry, too, stands at the threshold of transformation. Caterina Occhio, a member of the Costume & Fashion Academy in Rome, Italy, offered her insights, stating, “The Academy, driven by a profound sense of responsibility, positions itself as a vanguard in this transformative journey. Our aim is to comprehensively address all pertinent issues and educate a new generation of conscientious and responsible designers, communicators, and fashion managers.”

In the battle against microfiber pollution, this international campaign emerges as a beacon of hope, rallying organizations, enterprises, and individuals in an unyielding quest to safeguard our oceans and secure the future of our planet. Through heightened awareness, innovative solutions, and collective action, the campaign endeavors to reverse the tide of microfiber pollution and shield the delicate ecosystems reliant on pristine, thriving seas. While only time will unveil the ultimate outcome of these initiatives, the unwavering commitment and dedication of those involved offer a glimmer of hope for the future of our oceans.

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