HYDROGRID Accelerates Growth with Series-A Funding and Expands into New Markets for Zero-Carbon Future

Austrian scale-up HYDROGRID has announced the successful closure of a significant Series-A funding round, amounting to US$8.5 million. This financial milestone is set to fuel HYDROGRID’s ambitious international expansion plans, spearheading its growth in the renewable energy sector.

Key Investors and Their Contributions

  • The funding round was led by new shareholders Inven Capital and Karma Ventures.
  • Existing investors CNB Capital and SET Ventures also made substantial contributions.
  • The combined efforts of these investors underline the robust confidence in HYDROGRID’s mission and strategic direction.

HYDROGRID’s Mission and Technological Innovation

HYDROGRID, founded in 2016, has been at the forefront of digitalizing the hydropower sector. The company specializes in automated IoT software, which significantly enhances the operational efficiency of hydropower plants.

Revolutionizing Hydropower with HYDROGRID Insight

  • HYDROGRID Insight, the company’s flagship product, integrates machine learning algorithms for inflow and electricity price forecasts.
  • It offers intelligent optimization for various hydropower configurations like run-of-river, storage, and cascade systems.
  • This all-in-one software package automates the entire process, from water management to maximized revenue generation.

Environmental Impact and Market Competitiveness

  • HYDROGRID’s technology has the potential to increase hydropower generation by up to 10% compared to manual operation.
  • It enables operators to remain competitive in fast-paced markets and complex regulatory environments.
  • The technology aims to save more than 50 million tonnes of CO2 by 2033, significantly contributing to the fight against climate change.

Hydropower: A Key Player in Renewable Energy

Hydropower stands as the world’s largest source of renewable energy, contributing 60% to global renewable generation. Its role is pivotal in ensuring energy security and sustainability.

Advantages and Future Potential of Hydropower

  • Hydropower provides reliable baseload energy throughout the year.
  • It’s recognized as the most significant source of grid-scale storage, outperforming battery technology by about 500 times even beyond 2035.
  • Despite its potential, hydropower is often underutilized, primarily due to a lack of digitalization and complex regulations.

Leadership and Vision for a Zero-Carbon Future

Janice Goodenough, CEO of HYDROGRID, and Michal Mravec, Investment Director at Inven Capital, emphasize the critical role of hydropower in the transition to a zero-carbon economy. They advocate for the digitalization of hydropower as a foundational step towards achieving net-zero goals.

Uniting for a Sustainable Mission

  • The collective vision of HYDROGRID’s team and shareholders is driven by the mission to unlock the full potential of hydropower technology.
  • The company’s leadership is united in their commitment to making hydropower for the future.

Expanding Global Reach and Market Influence

The infusion of Series-A funding is not just a financial boost but a strategic move to amplify HYDROGRID’s presence globally. The company, already supporting hydro operators in seven countries, is now set to penetrate new markets. This expansion is critical in promoting the adoption of sustainable energy solutions worldwide.

Advancing Renewable Energy Goals

  • HYDROGRID is growing its operations, and this move matches the worldwide push for more use of renewable energy.
  • The company’s goal in spreading out is to help cut down on the world’s carbon emissions and support taking care of our planet.

Impact on the Hydropower Industry

HYDROGRID’s innovative approach to hydropower management is a game-changer for the industry. The digitalization and automation of hydropower plants represent a significant advancement in how renewable energy sources are managed and utilized.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Safety

  • The use of HYDROGRID Insight ensures optimal operational efficiency, reducing water losses and maximizing electricity market revenues.
  • It also enhances environmental and operational safety, ensuring compliance with various regulations.

The Future of Hydropower

  • With HYDROGRID’s technology, the future of hydropower looks promising, with increased efficiency, profitability, and environmental benefits. 
  • The company’s efforts contribute significantly to the broader goal of transitioning to a sustainable and renewable energy-driven world.


HYDROGRID’s recent funding success marks a significant leap in the company’s journey towards fostering a zero-carbon future. With its innovative technology, strategic expansion plans, and strong investor support, HYDROGRID is poised to make a substantial impact in the renewable energy landscape. For more information on HYDROGRID and its initiatives, visit their official website here.

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