GE Vernova’s Hydro Power Business Revamps Cushman II Hydropower Plant

GE Vernova, a unit of General Electric Company, has embarked on a significant project to refurbish two of the three turbine and generator units at the Cushman II hydropower plant, owned by Tacoma Power. This initiative underlines GE Vernova’s commitment to modernizing and enhancing renewable energy sources across the globe.

Details of the Refurbishment

The scope of the refurbishment is extensive, encompassing the design, manufacturing, and installation of new generator stators, along with the renovation of several critical components. These components include generator rotor poles, shaft thrust bearing, turbine distributors, turbine runner, and draft tube. This comprehensive upgrade aims to significantly boost the plant’s performance and longevity.

Impacts and Benefits

The Cushman II plant, located in Mason County, Washington, USA, was originally commissioned in 1930. With a capacity of 81 megawatts, it currently provides renewable energy to approximately 40,500 homes in the Northwest. The anticipated completion of this project is in 2026, and it is expected to enhance the plant’s availability and reliability, thus contributing to a more sustainable energy grid.

  • Increased Efficiency: The refurbishment will allow the plant to deliver more renewable energy efficiently.
  • Long-Term Operation: The upgrades are designed to extend the plant’s operational life by another 100 years.
  • Meeting Growing Demand: As stated by Tony Daniels, Senior Engineering Project Manager at Tacoma Power, the project is crucial for meeting the increasing demand for clean, renewable hydroelectric power.

GE Vernova’s Role and Expertise

GE Vernova, formed from the combination of GE Digital, Renewable Energy, and GE Power, brings cutting-edge technology to the hydropower sector. Their involvement underscores the significant opportunities that exist in modernizing the aging hydropower infrastructure in the USA, which is the world’s third-largest hydropower producer.

Strategic Importance of Hydropower

According to Romain Pellegrino, Hydropower NAM Leader at GE Vernova, the longevity of hydropower projects makes them vital for delivering renewable energy for several generations without the need to rebuild dams. This factor makes hydropower a cornerstone in the sustainable energy landscape.

Market Performance and Industry Outlook

The successful execution of such projects also reflects positively on GE’s market performance. In the past year, GE’s stock has seen a notable increase of 40.4%, outperforming the industry’s average. This growth indicates strong investor confidence in GE’s strategic direction and its role in the renewable energy sector.

Comparison with Other Companies

Comparatively, companies like Federal Signal Corporation (FSS), ITT Inc. (ITT), and A. O. Smith Corporation (AOS) also show promising market performance, with FSS currently holding a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy). These companies, along with GE, are key players in driving forward the energy and technology sectors.

Environmental and Economic Impact

The environmental benefits of projects like the Cushman II refurbishment are significant. By enhancing the efficiency of renewable energy sources, such projects contribute to reducing the carbon footprint and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Economically, these upgrades also create job opportunities and stimulate local economies, underlining the dual benefits of such initiatives.

Future Outlook for Hydropower

As we look to the future, hydropower will probably stay a big player in the world’s energy scene. Thanks to new tech and a focus on being green, hydropower is set to be key in moving towards more use of renewable energy. Firms such as GE Vernova are leading the charge, using their know-how to bring new ideas and better performance to the industry.


The refurbishment of the Cushman II hydropower plant by GE Vernova marks a significant step in the journey towards more efficient and long-lasting renewable energy sources. The project not only signifies technological advancement but also reflects a growing trend in the energy sector towards sustainability and reliability. For more detailed information on this project, visit GE Vernova’s official website.

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