Envelons Opens Automated Solar Panel Production Facility in Bavaria

Envelons, A company that offers an innovative working system for solar working facades, has opened an automated solar production facility in Bavaria, Germany. Envelons company has produced about 300,000 square meters of solar working facade systems annually.

The nurturing Group, The Grenzebach group, has been said to be very vast and knowledgeable regarding the creation of solar modules. But, of course, they don’t only know so much when it comes down to solar. However, They have an extensive understanding of glass manufacturing technology systems.

‘We believe in the potential of our solar-active facades and are counting on organic growth here in Bavaria. By consolidating ENVELON production in Hamlar, we remain true to our ‘Made in Germany philosophy.’ We believe in the potential of our photovoltaic façades and are focusing on organic growth here in Bavaria,’ said Hans-Peter Merklein, managing director of Grenzebach Envelon GmbH.

The Envelons solar production is made up of two essential components. First, it consists of an infrastructure consisting of the mounting cells system, the necessary power wiring, and the glass panel united with photovoltaics. These components work hand in hand to ensure the solar panel keeps working.

The connections component are very delicate components and are kept behind the solar panel cell. The parts then meet at a particular point. These panels meet all electrical requirements and critical technical issues, mainly because of the electrical safety.

A company spokesperson said ‘that the individual elements are hung in the substructure, which reportedly enables quick deployment and also makes maintenance and replacement of modules easy. In addition, up to 10 different colors are possible for the solar modules.’

‘We are proud of this forward-looking step. With its photovoltaic façades, ENVELON can make a major contribution to the energy transition in Germany, Europe, and overseas. This will help effectively combat climate change, which is an urgent necessity for all of us – and set the course for the future direction of our company,’ said the CEO of Grenzebach group, Dr. Steven Althaus.

Grenzebach Group, known for its excellent production of solar panels and manufacturing of solar panels and sound photovoltaics cells systems, has decided to collaborate with Envelons concerning the automation of solar panel production in Bavaria, Germany.

The collaboration will be able to speed up the production process and also make sure the solar panels come out excellently. In addition, the innovation of solar panel production facilities will help reduce the damages caused by climates and carbon neutrality in the present and future.

One component imputed in the solar panel consists of the patent color. The patent color system is inserted at the front glass of the photovoltaics system. It uses a discreet solar panel system, and several companies can use the technology to produce fine glass system facades. 

‘In Germany, we still often only consider traditional roof-mounted photovoltaic systems. But to transition to a sustainable energy and heating sector, we need to exploit all potential a decentralized energy supply offers,‘ Envelons General manager added.

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