Eco Wave Power Is Proud To Announce The Launch Of Its First American Wave Energy Power Station, Set To Revolutionize Renewable Energy SourcesIn The US

On January 12, 2023, Eco Wave Power will make history by hosting a press conference at an AltaSea event to showcase its disruptive technology for the first time in the United States. The presentation will also be notable for the grand opening of Beneficial State Bank‘s (BSB) office and commercial loan hub, which is dedicated to supporting technologies related to blue economy initiatives.

Kat Taylor, co-founder of BSB in 2007, and Inna Braverman, CEO, and Founder of Eco Wave Power, will share their perspectives as prominent proponents of renewable energy. Joining them on stage will be Dr. Melanie Lundquist LHD, Hon. Tim McOsker, Los Angeles City Councilmember, Terry Tamminen, President & CEO of AltaSea & former CalEPA Secretary; and AltaSea Trustee & Giving Pledge Signatory.

As Braverman made clear at the announcement: “We are thrilled to show off our cutting-edge technology here in the US so that we can begin adding wave energy into our country’s renewable energy mix as part of a greater effort towards achieving 100 percent renewable energy levels across all states. I am proud to stand alongside two leaders like Kat and Melanie in helping to demonstrate what Eco Wave Power’s dazzling innovation can accomplish for California and beyond.”

The US Energy Information Administration has assessed the potential of wave power. And this organization concluded it could contribute up to 66 percent of America’s total energy needs – a figure that is all the more astonishing when considering the United Nations’ recent finding that around 60 percent of global pollution is happening due to the electricity generation techniques currently employed around the world.

This year, California has endured especially severe weather conditions, with intense rainstorms leaving dozens dead and causing widespread flooding and extensive property damage. The situation has been particularly troubling because these storms are now being classified as “atmospheric rivers” – continuous streams of water falling at an alarming rate – indicating that climate change is likely having a major impact on weather phenomena across the state.

In light of these issues and others like them, Braverman added: “We must take advantage of clean power sources such as wave energy technology instead of continuing with practices that risk further environmental devastation.” This sentiment was echoed by Taylor, who warned: “Our planet is facing an urgent crisis due to human activities, so we must shift towards sustainable solutions like those offered by Eco Wave Power which has no negative impact on our ecosystem.”

Indeed this press conference stands out because it marks Eco Wave Power‘s official arrival in America and is believed to be the first-ever deployment of on-shore wave energy technology within US borders. Already there has been an agreement between Eco Wave Power and AltaSea concerning plans for a pilot project at AltaSea’s Port Of Los Angeles premises. Prior work completed over the last year involved modifications, upgrades, testing, and transport arrangements needed before installation could begin.

Eco Wave Power has indicated its commitment to implementing 404 MW projects internationally, including in Spain, Turkey, and Portugal, among other nations. Signifying how easily replicable their technology is due to its modular design, which allows parts to be transported without difficulty while still conforming to local requirements where necessary.

Hence this press conference provides us with an opportunity to witness history being made and serves as a reminder about our responsibility as citizens towards nature. Namely, decisions need to be taken today if we’re serious about combating climate change tomorrow through renewable sources such as wave power, which continue providing us with cleaner electricity on an ongoing basis without damaging or destroying our environment.

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