Dominion Energy Granted Permit for 24 Solar and Energy Storage Projects in Virginia

Dominion Energy, a leading energy company based in Richmond, Virginia, has been granted permission by the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) to develop two dozen new solar and energy storage projects. The approval includes nine solar facilities, an energy storage project, and 13 solar and energy storage projects owned by independent developers, which together have a combined capacity of over 800MW, enough to power 200,000 Virginia homes.

Dominion Energy Virginia President Ed Baine stated that the approval marks a significant step towards delivering reliable, affordable, and cleaner energy to customers, and will bring jobs and economic opportunity to the communities. Baine added that the projects will also deliver fuel savings to customers, a win-win situation for Virginia.

The nine solar facilities and energy storage project that have been approved by the SCC have a combined capacity of 500MW. Two of these facilities, Kings Creek Solar and Ivy Landfill Solar, will be built on previously developed land. The other 13 solar and energy storage projects owned by independent developers have a combined capacity of over 300MW.

During their construction phase, the projects are expected to create new employment opportunities and generate over $920m in economic benefits across Virginia. According to estimates, the projects will also offer more than $250m in fuel savings to customers during their first ten years of operation.

The new solar and energy storage projects are part of Dominion Energy’s strategy to transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, reduce carbon emissions, and increase grid reliability. The company plans to invest over $18 billion in clean energy projects and grid modernization over the next decade to achieve its goals.

Commenting on the approval, Dominion Energy’s Vice President of Business Development and Merchant Operations, Mark D. Mitchell, said, “We are excited to move forward with our clean energy expansion plans in Virginia. These projects will provide significant benefits to our customers, communities, and the environment, while also helping us achieve our long-term sustainability objectives.”

Dominion Energy is also committed to collaborating with local communities and stakeholders to ensure that the new projects are developed in a way that meets their needs and expectations. The company has already initiated several community engagement and education programs to raise awareness about the benefits of clean energy and encourage public participation in the project development process.

The SCC approval is a significant milestone for Dominion Energy and the clean energy industry in Virginia, as it paves the way for more renewable energy projects and supports the state’s ambitious clean energy goals. Virginia has set a target of generating 100% of its electricity from carbon-free sources by 2045, and the new solar and energy storage projects will help the state move closer to achieving that goal.

In conclusion, Dominion Energy’s permit to develop two dozen new solar and energy storage projects is a positive development for Virginia’s clean energy sector, bringing significant benefits to customers, communities, and the environment. The projects are expected to create new jobs, generate economic benefits, and provide fuel savings to customers while helping to reduce carbon emissions and increase grid reliability. Dominion Energy’s commitment to sustainability and collaboration with local communities will be key to the success of these projects, which are set to be completed by 2025.

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