Do solar blankets help heat the pool?

Wondering how solar blankets help heat your pool? You’re in the right place! Solar blankets are a cost-effective solution for pool owners seeking to increase their pool’s temperature without incurring high energy costs. This article will explore the functionality of solar blankets, their benefits, and practical advice on maximizing their effectiveness.

The Science Behind Solar Blankets

Solar blankets, also known as solar covers, are designed to capture the sun’s rays and use them to heat the pool water. These covers are made from durable materials like vinyl, polyethylene, or polypropylene, which resemble bubble wrap. They are available in various sizes and colors to fit both in-ground and above-ground pools. By floating on the pool’s surface, solar blankets serve multiple purposes: they reduce heat loss, minimize evaporation, and keep out debris.

Key Benefits of Solar Covers

  • Heat Retention: Solar covers can increase water temperature by 10-15 degrees within 6 hours of sunlight exposure, making your pool more comfortable for swimming.
  • Evaporation Reduction: By covering the pool, solar blankets significantly reduce water evaporation, saving water and the chemicals needed to maintain pool balance.
  • Debris Prevention: Acting as a barrier, solar covers keep out leaves, dirt, and other debris, reducing the time and effort required for pool cleaning.

Maximizing Efficiency with a Solar Blanket

Using a solar blanket not only heats your pool but also enhances the efficiency of pool heating systems. When paired with a pool heater, a solar cover can prevent up to 5 degrees of heat loss overnight due to evaporation. This synergy between the solar cover and the pool heater optimizes heating efficiency, leading to significant energy savings.

Customizing Your Solar Cover

One of the great advantages of solar covers is their adaptability. They can be easily trimmed to fit the specific shape and size of your pool, ensuring maximum surface coverage and heating efficiency. Whether you opt to keep it as a single piece or cut it into sections for easier handling, customizing your cover will not affect its warranty. The warranty typically covers the craftsmanship of the cover, such as the seals between the layers, rather than issues like bubble detachment, which can result from poor water chemistry or improper storage.

Choosing the Right Solar Cover

Selecting the appropriate solar cover involves considering several factors:

  • Material: Look for covers made with UV inhibitors to prolong their lifespan and efficiency.
  • Thickness: Thicker covers are more durable and provide better insulation, but they may be more challenging to handle.
  • Color: Different colors can affect the amount of sunlight absorbed, with clear covers allowing more solar energy to penetrate deeper into the pool.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

To get the most out of your solar blanket, follow these tips:

  • Proper Placement: Ensure the bubble side faces down, directly contacting the water to maximize heat transfer.
  • Careful Handling: When removing the cover, avoid dragging it across rough surfaces to prevent damage.
  • Clean and Dry: Before storing, clean the cover with fresh water and allow it to dry completely to prevent mildew and prolong its life.

Common Questions About Solar Covers

Many pool owners have questions about the practical aspects of using solar covers:

  • Can I leave my solar cover on all the time? While it’s beneficial to keep the cover on when the pool is not in use, especially at night, it’s important to remove it during swimming for safety reasons.
  • Will a solar cover prevent algae growth? While solar covers can help maintain warmer water temperatures, proper pool chemistry and filtration are essential to prevent algae growth.
  • How long do solar covers last? With proper care and handling, a quality solar cover can last several seasons before needing replacement.


Solar blankets are an effective and economical way to increase your pool’s temperature, extend your swimming season, and reduce maintenance costs. By understanding how to choose, use, and maintain a solar cover, you can enjoy a warmer pool with minimal additional effort. Embrace the benefits of solar energy for your pool and enjoy comfortable, warm swims. See you poolside!

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