Charging Solar Lights With a Lamp

Do you ever wonder “can you charge solar lights with a lamp?” and how effective this method might be? We’ve got you covered! Charging solar lights without direct sunlight might seem challenging, but it’s entirely possible. Not only will we explore how to charge your solar lights using artificial light sources, but we’ll also delve into the efficiency and practicality of different methods.

Can You Charge Solar Lights with a Lamp?

Yes, you can. Solar lights can be charged with light from an incandescent bulb. Although not as effective as natural sunlight, placing the solar panels directly underneath a household light can charge them relatively quickly without sunlight.

Steps for Effective Charging

  • Position your solar lights as close to the light bulb as possible to minimize charging time.
  • Use a bulb with a high wattage for faster charging.
  • For optimal results, charge your solar panels for at least 12 hours using incandescent lights.

Note: This method is most efficient if you’re already using an incandescent bulb for lighting or another purpose, as it can be an inefficient way of charging otherwise.

Alternative Charging Method: Using LED Lights

When away from home, battery-operated LED lights, like LED flashlights, can also charge solar lights. This method is best for situations where you don’t have access to indoor lighting, such as camping.

Key Points:

  • Charge your solar panels for at least 10-12 hours with an LED light.
  • This method is worthwhile if you’re already using an LED light for some other purpose.

Precautions: Avoiding High-Intensity Light Sources

Be cautious of placing your solar lights near street lights or porch lights. High-intensity light in the evenings can decrease the sensitivity of solar lights over time. For best results, place your lights as far away from artificial light as possible when using them in the evenings.


1. Can any artificial light charge solar lights?

Yes, but incandescent bulbs and LED lights are the most effective. While most artificial lights can charge solar lights, these two types are preferable due to their closer mimicry of sunlight’s spectrum, which solar panels need for charging.

2. Is it efficient to charge solar lights with artificial light?

It’s possible but less efficient than sunlight. Artificial light requires more time to charge solar lights and is best used as a supplementary method during periods without natural sunlight.

3. How long should I charge solar lights with artificial light?

For a significant charge, expose solar lights to an incandescent bulb for at least 12 hours and to LED lights for 10-12 hours. Place the solar panel close to the light source for optimal charging.


Charging solar lights with a lamp is a viable option, especially when natural sunlight is not available. Whether using incandescent bulbs at home or LED lights while camping, you can keep your solar lights glowing. Remember, though, that these methods are generally less efficient than sunlight and should be used judiciously. By understanding and applying these charging techniques, you can ensure that your solar lights remain a reliable source of light, even without direct sunlight.

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