Built Robotics Unveils Automated Piling System to Hasten Solar Energy Revolution

Built Robotics has made a monumental breakthrough with the launch of their automated solar piling system, the RPD 35. This groundbreaking technology combines survey, pile distribution, pile driving and inspection into one package; meaning a two-person crew can install up to 300 piles each day – five times faster than traditional methods.

The Inflation Reduction Act 2022 (IRA 2022) may have been passed prior to the launch of the RPD 35, but it was certainly no coincidence that Built chose this time for their innovation as IRA 2022 is likely to help push US solar buildout to unprecedented levels. Estimates suggest that over 10 GW of solar capacity will be installed in 2022 alone – and then going forward 100 GW each year until 2030. The RPD 35’s advanced automation capabilities mean that it can play an integral role in propelling the US towards this goal by enabling efficient installation on a large scale.

Built Robotics have already seen impressive results with their robots helping to install over 2 GW of solar capacity across the US since its inception. The installation process is not only much faster thanks to the robots but it also requires fewer people. This is beneficial both economically as less labor costs are involved and environmentally as fewer resources are being used in the form of transportation costs and emissions from vehicles travelling back and forth from job sites.

As well as creating cost savings, installing solar capacity quickly and efficiently allows more people access to renewable energy sources quicker than ever before – providing them with greater access to clean energy while also reducing their carbon footprint at home or work.

The exciting developments coming out of Built Robotics show just how far we have come when it comes to green energy solutions and highlights just what could be achieved if these advancements were implemented on a global scale. We could be witnessing a new dawn for renewable energy solutions thanks to these innovative technologies – one that generates more private investment opportunities for clean energy projects, stimulates economic growth in green industries and significantly reduces our carbon emissions going forward.

In the meantime, Built Robotics is showing no signs of slowing down and their latest innovation with the RPD 35 certainly looks set to revolutionize the way we install solar capacity in years to come. The future of renewable energy looks brighter than ever before. With automated solutions like these, our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future is one step closer.

The world needs more companies like Built Robotics to take the lead and pioneer new solutions that can make a real difference in our energy consumption and generation. We are optimistic about the potential of Built Robotics’ automated solar piling system and what it could mean for the renewable energy industry going forward. We look forward to what comes next!

We need businesses like Built Robotics who are looking for solutions that not only save time and money, but solutions that can help us achieve a more sustainable future for our planet. We commend them for their dedication to creating the RPD 35 and pioneering innovative technologies that could lead the way in bringing renewable energy to the world. Built Robotics should be commended for their commitment to making our future a greener one and we look forward to seeing what else they have in store for us.

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