Barranquilla Leads the Way in Clean Energy Transition for Colombia

As global attention turns towards combating climate change and fostering sustainable development, the bustling city of Barranquilla has emerged as a shining example of proactive environmental stewardship. Spearheading an ambitious project to harness renewable energy sources, the city is set to transform its landscape through the installation of solar panels in public buildings and the cultivation of green jobs.

Under the visionary leadership of Mayor Jaime Pumarejo Heins, Barranquilla’s energy transition initiative embodies a commitment to aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The primary objective is to curtail greenhouse gas emissions by an impressive 51% by the year 2030. This forward-looking project, slated to endure for 25 years, showcases a multifaceted approach that not only bolsters environmental resilience but also triggers substantial cost savings and economic growth.

“In all public buildings, solar panels will be seamlessly integrated to generate clean energy, while two solar farms will power public lighting and contribute surplus energy to the interconnected network. This is an endeavor of strategic importance, and Barranquilla has partnered with esteemed international companies to achieve this remarkable feat,” remarked Mayor Pumarejo Heins during a press conference.

Championing this green revolution is the company K-yena S.A.S., which has embarked on implementing projects to foster clean energy production within the city’s limits. The first phase encompassed meticulous technical surveys of roofs and electrical systems, ensuring that interventions aligned with both technical and economic analyses. These prelude activities set the stage for the ongoing installation of solar modules, structures, and related infrastructure on select public buildings, constituting the small-scale self-generation endeavor.

This groundbreaking initiative, spanning across public institutions including schools, will witness the incorporation of over 10,000 solar panels. Anticipated to result in a remarkable 25% reduction in energy consumption, the project will additionally curtail carbon dioxide emissions by a staggering 10 million kilograms annually.

“The essence of our city’s commitment is not only safeguarding the environment but also crafting a comprehensive roadmap that resonates with the aspirations of future generations,” affirmed the president of the Barranquilleros, encapsulating the city’s holistic vision.

Beyond this smaller-scale effort, Barranquilla’s energy ambitions extend towards a second major self-generation project. Bolstered by nearly 20,000 solar panels, this initiative will power the city’s public lighting infrastructure while selling surplus energy to the national interconnected network. The projected energy yield of over 10 megawatts underscores the city’s commitment to achieving energy independence and promoting sustainable practices.

In a stride towards regional leadership, Barranquilla has set its sights on an offshore wind farm pilot project. As part of the city’s medium-term agenda, this project aspires to elevate Barranquilla’s stature as a pioneer in Latin America’s energy transition. Collaboration with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), renowned for its expertise in modernizing offshore wind industries, underscores the city’s determination to capitalize on its coastal wind resources.

Envisioned as a strategic move to bring down energy costs and decrease reliance on conventional sources, the project anticipates harnessing wind speeds ranging between 9 and 13 meters per second. This initiative not only aligns with Colombia’s environmental commitments but also highlights Barranquilla’s participation in the World Energy Cities Partnership and the World Energy Council.

As Barranquilla fervently undertakes its energy revolution, it reiterates its commitment to the development of environmental restoration and sustainable projects. The city’s pioneering efforts underscore its ambition to be known as Colombia’s preeminent biodiverse urban center. With its resolute focus on clean energy, job creation, and sustainable development, Barranquilla’s audacious aspirations resonate as a global beacon of forward-looking progress in an era where environmental resilience is paramount.

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