Alliant Energy’s Wautoma Solar Project: A Step Towards Sustainable Energy

Madison-based Alliant Energy has recently marked the completion of a significant milestone in its journey toward sustainable energy solutions. The Wautoma Solar Project, a 99-megawatt (MW) solar array, is now operational in Waushara County. This solar energy facility spans across 624 acres in the town of Dakota and the city of Wautoma, housing nearly 240,000 solar panels.

Project Features and Innovations

  • Solar Array Specifications: The solar array is uniquely designed to maximize energy generation. It can power approximately 26,000 homes annually.
  • Advanced Technology: The facility employs state-of-the-art technology, including bi-facial panels that track the sun’s movement and sensors for adapting to changing weather conditions. These panels can be rotated remotely to protect against adverse weather like high winds or snow.
  • Land Use Optimization: A noteworthy aspect of this project is the repurposing of underutilized land, including areas around the Wautoma airport, enhancing the value and efficiency of the project.

Economic and Community Impact

  • Employment and Local Economy: The construction phase, initiated in 2022, provided jobs for nearly 150 carpenters, electricians, operating engineers, and laborers, with over 80% being Wisconsin residents. This emphasis on local hiring boosted the local economy.
  • Safety and Quality: The project achieved over 210,000 work hours without any lost time accidents, showcasing the commitment to safety and quality. Ted Gumieny, executive director of the NorthEast Wisconsin Building & Construction Trades Council, commended Alliant Energy for its use of local contractors and skilled union workers.
  • Financial Benefits to Local Communities: Over the 30-year life of the project, Waushara County, Dakota, and Wautoma are anticipated to receive $12 million in shared revenue, potentially aiding in the funding of schools, workforce development, road improvements, and other public services.

Environmental Benefits and Company Goals

  • Clean Energy Production: The Wautoma Solar Project aligns with Alliant Energy’s commitment to producing clean, zero-fuel-cost electricity.
  • Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions: This project is a critical step towards Alliant Energy’s aspirational goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from its operations by 2050.

The Future of Alliant Energy’s Clean Energy Blueprint

The Wautoma Solar Project is one among 12 utility-scale solar projects that Alliant Energy has planned in Wisconsin as part of its Clean Energy Blueprint. This blueprint aims to deliver greater energy reliability, sustainability, and customer value. The integration of this project with the company’s recently approved battery energy storage systems represents a significant advance in building a diverse and resilient energy portfolio.


Alliant Energy’s Wautoma Solar Project is a prime example of the company’s commitment to green energy. They’re using new tech, working with local people, and caring about the planet and the economy. This solar power venture is leading the way for other clean energy plans. It shows that energy businesses can work well with neighborhood folks and give jobs that help the earth and make money. A lot of local workers got jobs because of this project, plus they used union workers and had a great track record for safety. This proves that eco-friendly energy work can be good for jobs and local businesses.

Also, this project is pretty smart with its tech. It uses these cool two-sided panels that follow the sun and change when the weather switches up. This stuff shows just how far we’ve come with clean energy. Not only do these high-tech solutions boost how much power we get from the sun, but they also make everything more reliable and long-lasting. So yep, it’s a real competitor to the old-school energy options. Wanna know more? Hit up Alliant Energy’s legit website here.

In conclusion, the completion of the Wautoma Solar Project is more than just the realization of a single project. It is a reflection of Alliant Energy’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community partnership. It stands as a beacon for the potential of renewable energy to transform our energy landscape, providing clean, cost-effective, and reliable energy while supporting local communities and the environment.

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