Wind Turbine Manufacturers in Texas

Texas has a diverse mix of wind projects, from utility-scale projects to small private turbines for homes and farms. The Texas wind industry has grown exponentially over the last decade and will continue to do so in the years to come. As more people become interested in renewable energy sources and global climate changes, many businesses are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, which can be done by installing wind turbines at their facilities.

Best Wind Turbine Manufacturers in Texas

Below is a list of companies that manufacture wind turbines in Texas:

1. Siemens

Founded in 1847 in Europe and having over 29,000 wind turbines serviced, Siemens is known to manufacture the most efficient and automated turbine blades in the industry.

  • They ensure that the wind turbines manufactured are designed to generate maximum power from wind and provide the highest degree of efficiency and maximum security.
  • They claim to manufacture turbines that work smoothly even in the harshest weather conditions.
  • Besides U.SA., Siemens is a leading global brand in the wind turbine industry, catering to over 90 countries, so you can quickly get parts exchanged and repaired.
  • They provide optimum protection against lightning and extreme weather events to safeguard the wind turbines.
  • A unique cloud-based monitoring system is used by Siemens to get continuous updates about the condition of the turbines to monitor them efficiently. The SIPLUS CMS, is the condition monitoring system, and MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system, turns power consumption and mechanical condition data into digital added value – throughout the entire wind farm.

Various services provided by Siemens include:

  • Digitalization
  • Power transmission and distribution
  • Turbine and Wind farm management
  • Industrial communication
  • Turbine automation
  • Turbine protection
  • Cloud-based condition monitoring
  • Auxiliaries
  • Security of wind turbines
  • Energy finance.

2. Vestas

Vestas has successfully installed projects in over 73 countries and entered the industry nearly 120 years ago. After a few setbacks and many success stories, Vestas has claimed its position as the world’s leading global manufacturer of wind power solutions. Vestas provides a wide range of products under The EnVentus, 4 MW, 2 MW, and offshore solutions, catering to specific conditions and requirements required by the industry.

  • The EnVentus – Having more than 154 GW of wind turbine capacity, the products under The EnVentus variant are next-gen and modern in design. These are manufactured so that they are compatible with many technologies to match a particular project’s customized needs. The EnVentus have taken more than 40 years to be designed and improved to reach its maximum potential.
  • The 4 MW – The 4 MGW was developed in the year 2010 and is the most popular variant in the whole prospectus. The products have been designed so that the technologies suit a wide range of conditions, including onshore and offshore. It allows to gel up the technologies over the various sites and reaches maximum energy and reliability.
  • The 2 MW – Having more than 55 GW installed on the 2 MW variant since 2000, it is one of the most trusted variants of all the three. This variant provides a wide range of tried and trusted designs of turbines. These turbines work on low, medium, and high onshore sites, even in the worst weather conditions, ensuring that the cost exceeds the limit.

3. GE Renewable Energy

LM Wind Power, operating under GE Renewable Energy, considers wind turbine blade materials, aerodynamics, and structure of the blades to play a massive role in the design and creation of wind turbine blades. Having a record of manufacturing more than 2,28,000 wind turbine blades since 1978, LM Wind Power has emerged as the world’s most renowned wind turbine blade manufacturer and supplier with more than 25 years of experience.

A wide range of their wind turbine blades include –

  • Cypress Onshore Wind Platform – It was launched in 2017 and has an installed base of more than 20 GW.
  • 3 MW Shore Wind Platform – Perfectly adaptable to full spectrums of wind regimes, this variant’s power output ranges from 3.2-3.8 MW.
  • 2 MW Shore Wind Platform – Specialised for onshore sites, 2 MW Shore Wind Platform helps in reducing the cost for low and medium wind speed sites
  • 1 MW Shore Wind Platform – One-of-a-kind onshore wind turbine, GE has installed over 5.5 GW till now.
  • Haliade- X 12 MW Offshore Wind Turbine – This variant of GE Renewable Energy produces an output of 13.6 MW. It features a 14 MW, 13 MW, and 12 MW capacity, along with digital capabilities.
  • Haliade 150-6 Offshore Wind Turbine – It’s the next generation offshore wind turbine, best for providing wind energy to households at competitive costs.

4. Enercon

Enercon started manufacturing wind turbine blades in the 1990s, and they are known to set the benchmark concerning rotor blade production in terms of output, noise emission, and sustainability. The turbine blades at Enercon are manufactured using a vacuum infusion system and are finished using a gel coat, filler, edge protection, and top coat.

Following are the types of Wind turbine blades manufactured by Enercon :

  • EP 5 – This variant of turbine blade has won the accolade of Best Onshore Turbine 4.5 MW 2020. It features rated power of 5,500 kW, along with a gearless and full power converter.
  • EP 3 – Enercon’s E3 variant is their first low wind model. It comes with a world-class IIIA design and is a feasible option for future projects.
  • EP 2 – This 2 MW platform wind energy convertor is designed especially for coastal areas with high wind blows.


SANY has emerged as the leading global turbine manufacturer over the years and has installed over 4500 MW of wind farms. Their turbines are suitable for locations with low-medium wind regimes. They have been providing world-class wind turbines and various other wind regimes in countries like the USA, India, Africa, etc. SANY also manufactures other significant parts for wind turbines like blades, generators, control systems, etc. The products manufactured by SANY are designed in such a way that they generate the maximum output and remain efficient over the years.


We can conclude that Texas has several options to choose from when it comes to wind turbine manufacturers. Although, before making the right choice, you need to make a list of all the things you expect and need from your wind turbine, i.e., weight, output, warranty, dimensions, etc., and cross-check which manufacturer meets the maximum requirements.

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