Welding Company, Lincoln Electric To Produce Electric Vehicle Chargers  

Lincoln Electric will delve into electric vehicle charger production. It developed a 50kW DC fast charger power module, a charger component similar to a part of Lincoln Electric’s 44-kilowatt welder.

The module has a scalable architecture to deliver about 300kW of power and a single charge port pedestal compatible with CCS-1 vehicles. Though the company hopes to have a working product before 2023, production will begin officially in 2023. 

With 127 years of experience in welding, core manufacturing, and engineering capabilities, Lincoln  Electric will produce chargers in its Cleveland, Ohio, facility. It plans to design and build Level 3 chargers. DC fast chargers can charge between 15 and 45 minutes faster compared to AC chargers. Lincoln will manufacture DC level 3 chargers that will charge vehicles within 30 minutes. These chargers will be strategically located interstate in stations and not in homes.

Although Lincoln Electric is just starting in the industry, it has several advantages over many startups and new companies. Its ability to build at a large scale, vertically integrated supply chain, and its expertise with industrial power systems put it at an advantage.

‘Everything that goes into making a good product is under our roof. There wasn’t a lot we had to change from a broad architecture perspective. It was very much in our wheelhouse from day one. We’ve moved beyond the tinkering stage to where we are launching an initiative. We are fully intentioned at putting a product on the market,‘ said Steve Sumner, vice president of global equipment. 

Lincoln Electric produces highly durable and reliable equipment to withstand harsh outdoor operating conditions. It makes most of its components, transformers, and electrical harnesses and assembles its circuit boards. It also creates plastic and metal parts, reducing the need to outsource. As a welding company, reliability is a core principle, and people should expect the same with EV chargers.

Christopher L. Mapes, chairman, and CEO, in a statement said, ‘We believe Lincoln Electric’s proven power electronics and extensive domestic manufacturing capabilities could bring tremendous value to the DC fast charge EV charger market. This exciting new initiative reinforces the long-term value we believe we can generate from our innovation, operational capabilities, and R&D engineers as we seek to accelerate growth as part of our Higher Standard 2025 strategy. We look forward to working with partners to commercialize our EV charger capabilities.’

Lincoln Electric will enter the EV charging market when networks expand. Several states are receiving funds as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The act seeks to install 500,000 electric vehicle chargers across the country by 2030. One of the requirements is the possession of certain components made in the U.S, which sets the Lincoln Electric facility at the forefront amidst overseas competitors that would like to build factories here.

The EV charging market is constantly changing. Lincoln Electric will study the market before setting production or sales goals. However, it expects to generate not less than $50 million in new sales.

Lincoln Electric is in search of commercial and development partners. It is also hiring more employees to ensure production begins immediately.

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