Transform The Solar Panels Into Dazzling Advertising Billboards With A Custom-made Sticker!

An up-and-coming Italian startup has created a revolutionary, environmentally friendly sticker that is ideal for covering rooftop and facade solar panels. Not only does the sticker replicate high-definition images for aesthetic purposes, but it also transforms PV facades into commercial billboards! This creative solution can be easily recycled after use! This eco-friendly solution provides people with an innovative way to make their renewable energy investments more functional and financially viable.

Sunspeker, an Italian startup, has developed a fully customized and environmentally friendly sticker to wrap photovoltaic panels. Not only does this innovative product protect your solar modules, but it is also 100% recyclable! Recently, the company received an impressive amount of €115,000 ($120.950) investment from Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), a state-run Italian investment bank, to help launch its cutting-edge technology.

CEO Fabrizio Chiara declared that Sunspeker’s new product is meant to revolutionize the solar industry by offering a comprehensive digital display powered solely through photovoltaics. Each panel will become an advertising space thanks to our special stickers, providing marketers with far-reaching marketing opportunities! The company boasts that its stickers can reproduce high-definition visuals without sacrificing light penetration, meaning the modules can keep up to 90% of their efficacy.

“Chiara suggested that the lower power yields could be made up for by running more profitable ad campaigns. She continued, noting that sustainability was an added bonus that allowed them to charge a premium price for their ads. Sunspeker’s patented processing procedure reportedly preserves a remarkable level of clarity in all images.

Chiara acknowledged that, for aesthetic purposes, the energy efficiency might be diminished to 80%, allowing solar panels to blend more seamlessly with the environment. Right now, they are working towards establishing benchmarks that will grant them increased scalability and a variety of aesthetic solutions suitable for most situations.

With the use of thermoplastic design, this system is explicitly made for outdoor applications; the aesthetic covers boast an adhesive film that guarantees lasting results. The company highlighted sustainability as a critical factor in its R&D process, aiming for a fully recyclable answer consistent with circular economic ideals.

The solar screen technology is still being refined and is currently at a “level-six technology readiness level” (TRL 6). To measure the growth, the solar screen technology operates using an index from one to nine, with the highest score indicating that it’s ready for full commercial use. The TRL scale confirms that these components’ maturity is more than suitable for widespread adoption.

The company has completed production on the final product and is now gearing to launch it in Canavese, near Turin, Italy. They seek to raise €450,000 through new funding rounds to ensure a successful start. The first pilot projects have already been implemented as part of this process.

Chiara proudly exclaimed that in late November, her firm partnered with Energy Saving – a Treviso-based energy company – to launch the first residential pilot project of solar rooftop technology across Veneto. This revolutionary ’tile’ texture by Sunspeker was made possible due to their shared commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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