Sungrow to Deliver 13 Microgrid Projects in Lebanon

Sungrow, the leading company of energy inverters and system suppliers for renewable and clean energy, has decided to deliver the 13 best Microgrids to the city of Lebanon.

Lebanon has been facing energy and electricity problems recently, and over time, the city has had different difficulties caused mainly by the lack of electricity in the city. Therefore, Sungrow will help Lebanon overcome this crisis. The 13 microgrids will be carried by the fleets of ships owned by the company C&I storage organization. This flagship is numbered and lettered STI29CP-50HV. 

The electricity demand in the city of Lebanon has increased over time. As there is no other energy source, they have depended on the generating petrol plant, which has, in turn, caused many pollution problems. Fossil fuels generated from diesel generating plants do not only cause rots but harm the people living in the city. 

The electricity issue has made Lebanon’s economic crisis fall in the past few months and also affected the daily lives of its people ranging from children to adults. The electricity issue has gone a lot worse because Lebanon city might not experience electricity or light for 22 hours a day, which has disrupted the plans and life of citizens and companies. 

The Microgrid has the combination of photovoltaics, which turns light into electricity using semiconductor tools. It also has an energy home, which provides a high probability of solving the electricity issue that Lebanon is facing. 

Sungrow has also provided them with ESS solutions, one of the best series. It is STI28CP-50HV; this ESS series solution to the electricity is high and positive. It consists of a current converter system and high electricity batteries with an accessible building process and an easy-to-use interface.

Moreover, the plug-and-play feature can carry loads during the highest times without using much electricity. 

The duty of components of these microgrids has shown that they will be able to give out power to the city of Lebanon to use in companies and houses. It has a positive effect on business owners getting one for their company. The successful building of this plant has also shed light on how the electricity shortage can be solved and made better and understand the electricity capacity of the city PV. Lebanon faces many pollution problems caused by burning fuels, and using renewable electricity reduces the impact of pollution in the city.


 ‘Sungrow’s ESS solutions supplied in this Microgrid provide a 24-hour supply for these Projects and make them independent from pollutive diesel generation. This leads the company and even other businesses in this country towards low-carbon development,’ said Alvin Shi, Managing Director of Sungrow MENA Region. 

He added that, ‘Lebanon is a perfect place to install solar projects with over 300 sunshine days per year, a potential market to decentralize its electricity supply with more innovative solutions. Sungrow is poised to contribute to its transition journey with our comprehensive solar plus storage solutions in the future.’

Sungrow power supply has been the best inverter brand over the years, with over 269 gigawatts installed in different countries as of June 2022. It is also the leader and developer of solar inverters, which supply power in over 125 countries.

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