SoCalGas Successfully Demonstrates Hydrogen Microgrid Projects in Downey

SoCalGas, the nation’s most extensive national gas distribution, has made public that its hydrogen microgrid tested in Downey has started using renewable hydrogen manufactured on the field. This project will help show the efficiency and how good the renewable microgrid can be.

The hydrogen Microgrid can go as far as powering up a city. This project came in at the right time, just because it came before the National Clean Energy began. The hydrogen microgrid is powerful because it has the characteristics of powering up about 2000sq.ft building for about a full day, a week, even a year.

This can be done by getting energy from the solar systems on days that are sunny. At the same time, it also transforms the remnant power into usable hydrogen. This energy or power can be kept and converted back into light. When needed, it can be done using the on-field hydrogen fuel panel.

The tested hydrogen can be used for many purposes, especially when combined with natural gas. For example, it can be used in your water heater, washing machine, dryer, gasoline instruments, and grill.

The electrolyzer projects tested along with the hydrogen make use of solar power. Solar power can be used to divide water which has now manufactured its first brim kilogram of reusable hydrogen. This is the first project created by SoCalGas.

The electrolyzer is said to be able to give a fuel panel some energy to produce power when solar is absent. One kilogram of hydrogen equals a liquid gas unit, bringing forth water as an end product.

Neil Navin, Vice President of Clean Energy Innovations at SoCalGas, said: ‘The production of the first kilogram of renewable hydrogen by SoCalGas is a crucial milestone as we prepare to welcome visitors to our [H2] Innovation Experience in the coming months.’

‘This project shows the essential role clean fuels like renewable hydrogen can play in meeting California’s clean energy and resiliency goals and highlights our progress toward making net zero a reality.’

‘And projects like this, along with efforts like those to develop a statewide hydrogen blending standard, have the potential to drive down the costs of renewable hydrogen, making it a valuable tool to help decarbonize California.’

Blanca Pacheco, Downey Mayor, said:

‘On behalf of my council colleagues and myself, I would like to congratulate SoCalGas on this momentous achievement. The use of green hydrogen could greatly reduce carbon emissions and help in our fight against climate change. By building on the benefits of using hydrogen generated by renewable energy, our city can continue to be at the forefront of technology and environmental sustainability.’

SoCalGas has always been interested in clean energy production. So it has looked for plans and tools to eliminate decarbonization but majorly to produce renewable hydrogen and energy. 

The plans to bring about renewable energy and hydrogen have already been in place. For example, SoCalGas recently collaborated with UCI on some programs on how hydrogen can be carefully mingled into the existing natural gas used on the university campus. This will help California enjoy the importance that comes with renewable hydrogen.

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