Proton Motor Power Systems plc Announces HyFrame S36 System Delivery to WILO SE

Proton Motor Power Systems plc has delivered three of its emission-free high-tech innovation HyFrame S36 systems to WILO SE.

Dr. Nahab, CEO of Proton, commented. ‘The entire Proton Motor team is very proud of the powerful hydrogen fuel cells we have provided, which provide a decentralized and decarbonized energy supply. We are confident that they will make a decisive contribution to the success of a sustainable energy transition for industrial companies such as Wilo.’

Proton Motor Power System has focused on the production of clean energy and reduced fossil fuel usage for over 25 years. The production facility in Puchheim west of Munich, produces emission-free hydrogen fuel cells for several companies ranging from stationary to the automotive industry, focusing on the commercial vehicle sector.

The company is not only focusing on road transport but also developing for maritime and rail segments. It believes decarbonization has to occur throughout the transport industry as an action against climate change. It also wants to ensure that stationary industries have a clean and reliable form of energy generation through hydrogen. 

These goals caused Proton Motor to restructure its product portfolio for more participation from the market. It came up with a Hy-classification for clarity and a targeted orientation. The Hy branches include HyRange®, HyShelter®, HyRail®, HyShip®, HyModule®, and HyFrame®. 

Manfred Limbrunner, Sales and Marketing Director, said, ‘We have unified our stationary and mobile product family with the Hy-classification to strengthen our brand of hydrogen fuel cell products. The trademark registrations for the Proton Motor brand have been completed so that the terms are officially used.’

Since then, each class has received recognition by companies in the form of patronage and awards. In 2008, the HyRange® system for range extension got the International busplaner Sustainability Award in 2021. It also received a nomination to be among the Top 3 at the upcoming Renewables Award 2022 ceremony. HyFrame® is available for stationary applications, such as emergency power sources in road tunnels.

Three orders for the modular and universally applicable HyFrame have been delivered to Wilo. The HyFrame system will be a component of Wilo’s planned H₂Powerplant. Wilopark, the company’s headquarters in the south of the Ruhr metropolis was inaugurated in 2021. It will enjoy HyFrame as an emergency power source in case of grid collapse. Each system can generate 36kW of electricity. 


About Wilo SE

Wilo is a Dortmund-based leading provider of pumps and pump systems for the water management, building services, and industrial sectors. Recently, Wilo took over FSM Frankenberger GmbH & Co. KG in Pohlheim and WSM Walower Stahl- und Maschinenbau GmbH in Walow. These strategic acquisitions are to strengthen Wilo’s capacity as a water management service provider.  

‘Thanks to the acquisitions, we can offer our customers an even wider range of solutions. We are consistently following our strategic development from an expert for heating applications to a holistic solutions provider for all applications in the transport, use, and treatment of water and wastewater,’ explains Oliver Hermes, President, and CEO of the Wilo Group.

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