UK Blockchain Startup Aims to Revamp Energy Sector from the Top-Down

Electron is working with U.K. gas and electricity market stakeholders in a bid to convince them of the advantages and benefits to be gained from migrating from a hodgepodge of systems currently used to track ownership and operation of grid assets, customer billing, accounts and the like to an open, yet all but incorruptible distributed online ledger and transaction system, such as its Ethereum Blockchain-based platform.

LO3 Energy Takes Blockchain Microgrid Energy Trading Platform Down Under

Brooklyn, NY-based LO3 Energy is leveraging initial demo installations in the U.S. in a bid to expand globally. Management on Nov. 3 announced it has established itself in Byron Bay, Australia where it is in discussions with local energy market players to build demo installations and pilot P2P energy trading platforms based on Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain RDBMS technology.