WEBINAR – Aug 15: Stacking Value with VPPs in Today’s Digital Power Grid

Moving Distributed Networked Energy into the Mainstream

2pm EDT

Featured Speakers

Peter Asmus
Principal Research Analyst
Navigant Research

Bud Vos
Enbala Power Networks

Rick Nicholson
Global Product Management and Marketing
ABB Enterprise Software


The virtual power plant (VPP) is a solution to a host of customer, utility, and transmission system challenges. Projects are pushing the envelope by intelligently managing diverse distributed energy resources (DER) with a distributed systems-of-systems approach. There are many innovators in the VPP space, including Enbala Power Networks. The company’s expansion of its controls architecture and partnership with ABB speak to the dynamic business case emerging for VPPs. A new DER management system (DERMS) being codeveloped with ABB is looking to push the VPP platform into the mainstream.

This webinar will provide a comprehensive look at VPPs. Join us as Peter Asmus of Navigant Research sets the stage with the latest market forecast and deployment trend insights. Enbala’s Bud Vos will also join the webinar to show how machine learning is transforming the ROI on VPPs, and Rick Nicholson of ABB will show how it sees technology evolving to solve digital grid challenges.

For more on this subject, download the white paper, “Stacking Value with Virtual Power Plants in Today’s Digital Power Grid“.

Key Topics:

  • Virtual power plans (VPPs)
  • Smart grid software
  • Energy storage vendors
  • Distributed energy resources

What does this webinar answer?

  • Why does the mixed asset virtual power plan (VPP) offer the greatest digital grid value?
  • How can machine learning principles optimize VPPs internally?
  • How does this internal optimization engine translate into external market value?
  • Why did ABB choose to partner with Enbala on a new distributed energy resources management system (DERMS) product?
  • What will have the largest impact on the future growth of VPP markets: technology or regulation?

Who needs to attend?

  • Grid operators
  • Utilities
  • Smart grid software vendors
  • Solar PV industry
  • Energy storage industry
  • Demand response (DR) providers
  • Policymakers and regulators
  • Investor community

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