Monterey One Water, California, Opens RFP for Microgrid

Monterey One Water(M1W) has called for the public to contribute to its new plan, one of which includes a microgrid design. M1W is a company in California that manages wastewater in affiliation with the Monterey Regional Waste Management District(MRWMD). These companies are committed to converting waste into useful renewable energy. 

M1W focuses on making use of used water. They believe water should be used and reused. A Pure Water Monterey expansion project was created in Dec 2021, partnering with the Monterey Regional Waste Management District. 

They make use of methane captured from sewage to produce electricity to power the plant that treats the sewage. 

M1W and MRWMD seek help from firms to look through the 3-fold plan and check for feasibility. Located in Northwestern Monterey County, they require reports on the following plans;

  1. Organics-to-Energy Study: To evaluate available energy and value of waste materials and byproducts of food waste, sludge, and other organic waste. To determine the best use for waste materials, either as renewable energy or other materials like fertilizers.
  2. Monterey Microgrid Pre-Design: To analyze the existing and future energy needs of M1W and MRWMD, and recommend microgrid configuration for onsite available renewable energy sources.
  3. Economic Justice Analysis: To develop a 20-year financial plan including anticipated cash flow for the project alternatives selected from the feasibility studies above. 

Asides from these work studies, they are open to other ideas from the public. 

In the request for qualifications and proposals(RFQ/RFP), M1W wrote, ‘Uninterrupted wastewater and solid waste recycling and disposal services are vital to protecting public health and the environment. In recent years, the county has experienced firsthand the impacts of wildfires, drought, prolonged rain events, and coastal storm surges. These events put critical facilities at risk of service disruption and damage due to power outages.’

For the microgrid study, they are open to either a front-of-the-meter, behind-the-meter project, or a third approach. Behind-the-meter approach would enable the development of a microgrid that will transmit power to the three separately metered significant loads at each wastewater facility. The goal is to supply the energy needed, offsetting the grid demand.

Front-of-the-meter proposes an integrated microgrid supplying electricity to both facilities. The third approach is similar to the front-of-the-meter approach. However, it seeks to supply energy to not only M1W and MRWMD but also to other users within the vicinity. As both agencies are served by Pacific Gas & Electric, they intend to use PG&E’s control equipment for distribution. 

Interested firms will be meeting at a mandatory pre-proposal meeting by 10:00 am today July 7th, to meet with interested firms. Each firm is expected to submit their proposal on all or any of the three works listed in the document before 3:30 pm on August 1. M1W will receive each bid electronically through the Procure software. The grading process is a 100-point system, checking for the firm’s understanding of the feasibility plan, the scope, relevant experience, organization communications, and ideas.

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