Lightyear Is Excited To Announce Its Brand-new, Solar-powered Electric Vehicle For An Unbeatable Price Of Less Than $40,000!

An unbeatable combination of price and range makes this a serious contender.

If you’re a Seattleite, the notion of an electric car powered by solar energy may not sound that thrilling. However, people living in brighter locations are excited to try this futuristic vehicle that Lightyear Automaker has announced as its second model at CES! The Lightyear 2 is anticipated to go into production near the end of 2025 and be available for sale with a price tag below $40K – great news for those looking forward to owning one.

With its promise of 500 miles between charges and a 50% reduction in lifetime CO2 emissions compared to traditional EVs, the Lightyear 2 has already received an impressive 21,000 pre-orders from car leasing and ride-sharing companies. Furthermore, thanks to its solar panel technology – which adds several miles each day depending on sunlight availability – this groundbreaking vehicle will only become more efficient as time progresses!

Lightyear unveiled a few more details besides the fact that the car will offer an unparalleled 0.175 drag coefficient and provide one of the slipperiest driving experiences. The company also shared that its 500-mile range estimate is based on how much sun would contribute to charging during 15K miles per year in Chicago!

Following in its wake, the crossover-like 2 is a stylish and innovative car that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. It boasts an impressive range of 388 miles due to its futuristic solar panels, which can add more than 6,800 miles per year. Unfortunately for those who want to break away from the standard vehicles on the streets, this gem comes with a hefty price tag of over $263,000, making it far from mainstream success!

Lightyear recently announced that intrigued customers could submit their details to join a waitlist for the car. However, according to a spokesperson, this list serves more as an email platform so potential buyers can receive updates and information about the vehicle. If you’re even remotely intrigued, sign up asap for the best possible opportunities. Don’t miss your chance to get priority access when pre orders and reservations open – join now!

If you haven’t been keeping a close eye on the market, it can appear as though solar-powered EVs just suddenly arrived. But several other companies are entering this space too! The Sono Sion is one such example – an affordable $25,000 electric vehicle slated to go into production in Europe by year’s end. It boasts a range of 190 miles and delivers 5,700 miles worth of rechargeable energy annually – which equals out to roughly 15 miles per day powered solely by sunshine!

Aptera has created something distinct from the Lightyear and Sono models; a solar-powered three-wheeled electric vehicle that looks as if an airplane is missing its wings. The unconventional car gives up to 1,000 miles of range in the top model, with an additional 30 miles possible when exposed to direct sunlight.

Solar electric vehicles, just like solar-powered houses, are somewhat dependent on the weather. Although they mainly get their range through plugging in, as with other EVs, solar charging also contributes. Most of these product ranges were tested in sunny areas such as Southern California; hence those residing in not-so-ideal climates will encounter a lesser influence from the panels, but any free opportunity to charge should be appreciated!

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