Greek Utility, PPC, Launches 550MW Solar Plant Tender  

The Utility in Greece, PPC Renewables, S.A, will build a 550MW solar photovoltaic plant, Greece’s largest photovoltaic facility to come. The facility will be built at a former lignite hub in Kozani, the Ptolemaida mine located in the municipalities of Kozani and Eordaia in Greece’s Western Macedonia region. In this area, Hellenic Petroleum currently has the largest photovoltaic plant facility, with a capacity of 240MW. The new facility, after completion, will take its place as the third biggest solar park in Europe, following the two giant facilities in Spain.

PPC Renewables is calling contractors to bid for the construction of the 550Mw solar plant estimated at €216m ($222.4 million) without adding the cost of solar panels nor VAT. Contractors will carry out research studies, procurement of equipment excluding solar panels, transportation, installation, and construction of equipment needed for the project. On completion, they will complete the licensing and commission the facility. They will also build two substations and connect and upgrade the traditional electricity grid.

Bidders are expected to submit proposals on or before September 30, 2022. Each bidder must be a legal entity with the European Union or the European Economic Area, with a portfolio established in the solar sector. Also, they will have to meet certain financial and business criteria as provided by PPC. While the contract will last for 48months, PPC expects the construction phase to be concluded within 22months, making the project complete by 2024.

PPC stated that the new facility is subsidy-free and will not be listed as a part of Greece’s renewable power tenders scheme. Not new to private ownership, PPC is constructing a subsidy-free 50MW solar array in Megalopolis, a mining town on the Peloponnese Peninsula. Terna energy company took charge of this construction in the summer of 2021.

In October 2021, PPC joined forces with RWE renewables, a Germany-based energy company, to fast-track Greece’s transition into clean energy usage. The collaboration would steer the development of large-scale solar projects of about 2 gigawatts in the country. While RWE owned 59%, PPC bagged 48% of the joint venture deal. In this light, PPC will work on nine solar projects with 940 MW capacity in Northern Greece, Macedonia. RWE renewables also procured a photovoltaic project pipeline in Greece, which is expected to begin operations by 2023.

Speaking on the partnership, the CEO of PPC renewables, Konstantinos Mavros, said, ‘PPC is committed to leading the energy transition in the country. Our extroversion is essential for the group’s transformation. Together with strong partners, we are on track to meet our ambitious targets and draw our green deals. Today marks a significant milestone in our journey. We welcome RWE and look forward to co-developing projects of unprecedented scale in the country.’ While this partnership is a step in the energy transition, the new facility at Kozani is not a part of the deal.

About PPC Renewables

PPC started in 1998 in Athens, Greece. Here, it generates electricity by developing wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and hybrid power plants. It has a vast knowledge of Greece’s power market and a firm standing with major stakeholders. Therefore, it is in the best position to provide a strong base for renewable energy in the country.

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