Governor Newsom Sets New Targets Towards Clean Energy Goals

Governor Newsom is set to bring California a step further towards a cleaner future. The release featured policies as regards clean buildings, more renewable energy systems, and clean fuels for transportation.

The Climate Change Scoping Plan of 2022 was created to guarantee that the state attains the 2030 climate goal and state carbon neutrality by 2045. In his letter to the Chair of the California Air Resources Board(CARB), the Governor pointed out the need to initiate new targets to achieve the state goals. He also stated that the final draft should include climate-friendly homes, clean fuels, and addressing methane leaks. He will also ensure that the $53.9 billion climate investment is disbursed as soon as possible for climate innovation, manufacturing, and resilience in the state.

‘California communities experience the devastating impacts of climate change every day. We need to supercharge our efforts to significantly reduce harmful carbon pollution. The state’s draft carbon neutrality road map doesn’t go far enough or fast enough. That’s why I’m pushing state agencies to adopt more aggressive actions, from offshore wind to climate-friendly homes, and to make sure we never build another fossil fuel power plant in California again,’ said Governor Newsom.

Targets and Action Plans
One of the targets includes an offshore wind energy capacity of 20 gigawatts by 2045. In May, the US Department of Interior announced that the Humboldt wind energy area in Northern California and the offshore wind energy development in Morro Bay wind energy area, Central California were on auction for lease. It calls for individuals and companies to bid for the lease areas with a proposed energy capacity of 4.5 gigawatts.

Another target is ensuring cleaner buildings in the state. Heat pumps will be supplied to homes across the state to reduce energy bills, reaching the 6 million mark by 2030. This target was due to the extreme heat several states are currently facing as a result of inactions toward climate change. The world should expect 3 million climate-friendly homes in 2030, and low-income or disadvantaged communities would enjoy 50% of total funding from the state.

About Carbon Renewal, the state law will execute carbon sequestration from residential and industrial areas. The Governor asked CARB to enforce a rigid low-carbon fuel standard and transition into clean fuel use and production by refineries. There are 20 MMT and 100 MMT carbon removal targets for 2030 and 2045, respectively.

These efforts will assist California in achieving renewable goals. Installation of heat pumps will keep citizens cool in winter and summer while also decarbonizing the buildings. Also, installing electric appliances in homes will improve the air quality within and outside.

Governor Newsom, alongside the letter, launched a climate dashboard that will track the progress in each department – sales of zero-emission vehicles, consumer savings from energy efficiency standards, and clean energy job creation. In June, he signed a state budget that would accelerate the review process of new clean energy projects.

The California Air Resource Board will work on the letter from the Governor and reveal the final draft of the 2022 Climate Change Scoping Plan by August.

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