GAC AION Unveils the Supercar Hyper SSR

GAC Aion has unveiled a brand new electric hypercar, the Hyper SSR. It is fully electric and ready to rival the great Tesla in the EV space

This rivaling hypercar challenges the Tesla in the roadster race by going 0-100 kilometers per hour in 1.9 seconds. It can also run as fast as beating 100 kilometers per hour within 2.3 seconds. This speed is one of the unbeatable talents of the GAC AION for electric cars. It has a capacity of 1,225 hp maximum output, with its top torque reaching 12,000 Nm.

The hypercar is built based on a 900-volt platform and some Silicon-Carbon chips, which ensure efficient speed and decrease power consumption. In addition, the whole body compartment of the car is made of carbon fibers and derivatives. Using carbon fiber reduces weight by 20 percent compared to vehicles made of steel and iron.

The Carbon fiber used to build the electric hypercar is 2.5 times stronger and lighter than steel. The doors are stylish and made like the animal butterfly; the doors close and open when the driver places the leg length on the brake pedal.

The manufacturer says that ‘deliveries are poised to begin sometime in 2023, although the number of vehicles it intends to build has not yet been confirmed. It will probably be a fairly low-volume proposition, but if the company does manage to homologate it for other markets, it shouldn’t have a problem finding buyers.’

The Rimac Nevera-Rivalling electric hypercar interior looks dashing and exceptional. It looks minimal and according to taste compared to many other costly cars. The steering compartment consists of a flat top and a flat bottom.

There is a digital television display built with an 8.8-inch rectangular screen. It displays the necessary information needed for the driver to know.

In addition, a 14.6-inch rectangular central screen exhibit is also directed at the driver’s seat to give a dynamic look. There are leather seats, the steering wheel, the dashboard, and doors which shows that these features were deliberately picked.

The automaker has begun presales ahead of manufacture. Interested customers will pay CNY 1.286 million ($184,000) for the standard trim and CNY 1.686 million ($241,000) for the Ultimate option. Considering the type of car, Hyper SSR’s price seems little. Production will kick off in October, and GAC Aion assures that the first deliveries will arrive that same month.

People who like a minimalist vehicle but go ahead and get cars and configure it around to their taste should be able to get the Rimac Nevera-Rivalling electric hypercar without adding a touch because it offers every client taste.

GAC Aion today is one of the most popular electric car brands in China. From January to August this year, it made a total of 150,000 units sales. The vice-president of GAC Aion, Xiao Yong, has said that monthly sales will reach 35,000 to 40,000 units in Q4 this year. He said this is based on the current annual production capacity of 200,000 units which it expects to skyrocket when its second plant becomes operational later this year.

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