Canton Decided to opt Out of the Solar Energy Property Tax Exemptions

The town of Canton would no longer enjoy a state property tax exemption for solar installations. The town board unanimously voted against a state law that provides an exemption for projects involving renewable energy on Tuesday.

All solar installations must comply with the update. It was not considered the first time the law was passed because the town was concerned that it might deter people from putting solar panels on their homes and businesses.

As per Watertown Daily Times, the town’s attorney reportedly said that decision to opt-out will offer them more negotiating power when an enterprise asks for “host community benefits.” The state ensures that the benefits go specifically toward helping residential utility users.

Despite the board’s decision to reject the tax break, a developer could still be convinced to sign a PILOT agreement or a payment in lieu of taxes.

A 5-megawatt solar project in the town was approved by the planning board earlier this week. The town is now considering several more substantial solar project proposals.

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