BMW to Enable Multi-Contract Plug&Charge in 2023.  

BMW, a leading multinational provider of most effective vehicles in Germany, said it would enable multi-contract plug and charge in 2023.

BMW will introduce the plug and charge function, allowing customers to charge their vehicles at any public charging spot. Although the feature is not new, BMW Group is the first car builder to integrate a multi-contract functionality into its Plug&Charge offering. The car manufacturer explained that there were more things to come.

‘Plug and charge might have looked easier, but it was difficult. The certificate has to be integrated into the vehicle or charging station in such a way that it is IT protected. The new function would be a simple software solution if a secure memory were available, e.g., in the vehicle,Susanne Koblitz, Head of Charging Technology at Ionity, explained. 

Plug&Charge contributes largely to charging the high voltage battery faster and easier than fueling it. According to BMW, the clients have minimal work to do, and everything the clients have to do is attach the charging cable to the vehicle’s charging port. The clients do not have to activate the charging procedure by an app. Customers only have to digitally store their current multiple charging contracts from at least five different providers. 

The BMW EV automatically links each contract, allowing the customer to use the charging stations of the different operators in a particularly convenient way. The impressive BMW will boot itself and connect to customer and client data. The electricity bill is automatically settled at the end of each charging process. All of these steps can go on without an internet connection.

With this feature, BMW charging is enlarging its index, which relates to the DCS. DCS is the largest provider of public charging solutions for automobiles. It is said to have been part of the collaboration of the mobility venture between BMW Group and Daimler AG regarding the plug and charge feature.

Plug&Charge feature plays the role of making the charging of high voltage batteries easy. This is a new feature that BMW will introduce in 2023 to simplify charging contractors. Building their luxurious vehicle has led to the thought and execution of building the plug&charge automobiles.

The BMW EV comes with premium connections and safety connections. In addition, it provides access to your charging account and individual accounts on the road. While it aims to conquer fueling, it is building one of the best projects of electric charging vehicles. 

The provision of the plug and charge feature in BMW vehicles will always be available for other BMW models in the future, including the flexibility and accessing data that has to do with it. Connecting to other individual contracts on the road is also a prerequisite. In addition, the corresponding individuals must be connected to the Hubject’s Europe-wide eRoaming network.

Hubject, the provider of the largest electric roaming network, has decided to collaborate with the BMW electric vehicle. This partnership will result in the best plug&charge by creating seamless electric vehicle charging. The movement of the multi-contract plug and charge will be demonstrated in public for the first time at the interchange network conference in Berlin.


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