Bethlehem’s Solar Ordinance Attempts to Improve Sustainability

BETHLEHEM, Pa. In its Tuesday night meeting, The Bethlehem City Council’s presented a hearing on changes that might be made to the city’s current solar ordinance.

The city’s Environmental Advisory Council wants to promote solar energy consumption in order to drive the city’s climate action plan. As per EAC, the strategy will push initiatives to enhance sustainability, employ alternative energy sources, and lower Bethlehem’s overall carbon effect.

The changes were proposed to add setback or screening requirements to ground-mounted solar energy systems, as well as redefine the meaning of “historic” and the maximum permissible height.

According to the ordinance, a solar energy system consists of one or more solar collection devices, solar energy-related “balance of system” components, and other supporting infrastructure, “with the main objective of producing electricity, storing electricity, or otherwise transforming solar energy into a different form of energy.”

The bill will be presented on the council’s agenda for November 15th.

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