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Benefits of Microgrids

From ARUP’s 5 Minute Guide to Microgrids

  • Conversion loss savings
  • Lower carbon cost
  • Reduced peak power costs
  • Reduced capacity charges
  • Increased CHP balance
  • Network capex avoidance
  • Lower network redundancy
  • Energy price arbitrage
  • Optimised own supply use
  • Negawatt market
  • Operational reserve market
  • Reduced fossil fuel use
  • Auxiliary market services
  • Choose lowest cost energy
  • Power factor services
  • Consistent secure power
  • Protection of critical loads
  • Secure non-essential supply
  • Controlled power quality
  • Reduced blackout risk
  • Increased supply reliability
  • Reduced CO2 intensity
  • Continued productivity
  • CSR and education benefits
  • Consumer engagement
  • Employee engagement
  • Supply independence
  • Reduced outage impact
  • Optimised existing system
  • Remote site availability
  • Absorption chiller level load
  • Visibility of energy use

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