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VPPs and DERMS: Moving Toward a Digital Grid with the Help of Artificial Intelligence and Transactive Energy

Distributed energy resources (DER): either you love them or you hate them. The technology empowers formerly passive customers to take their energy futures into ...

Microgrids without Subsidy? Check Out the C&I Market

Microgrids often need some form of policy support. This is especially so for microgrids that are deployed for a public purpose, such as community resilience. ...

Liberating Microgrids: How Customers and Solutions Providers Can Grow DER Markets

The Failure Rate for Proposed Microgrid Projects is Too High.  Why is This? By Sunil Cherian and Peter Asmus Too often, these networks of distributed energy ...

How Can Microgrids and Utilities Become Best Buds?

The term microgrid used to give utility executives sleepless nights and indigestion. These small, self-reliant systems would pop up, seemingly like mushrooms, ...

Forging Win-Win Solutions in the Evolving DER Integration Landscape

By Peter Asmus The stars appear to have aligned for distributed energy resources (DER) to play an increasingly important role in providing energy services ...

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