Chevron to Invest $2.5bn in Low-Carbon Hydrogen

Chevron Corporation announced its plan to invest in Hydrogen capabilities at a Hydrogen Energy Summit organized by the Financial Times in London. Austin Knight, the vice president of the New Energies Summit unit of Chevron, shared the plan to invest about $2.5 billion into the company’s Hydrogen business as the energy giant increases its investment in low-carbon technologies.

UAE Issues Operating License for the Third Unit of Barakah Nuclear Power Plant

The independent nuclear regulator for UAE, Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation(FANR), has issued an operating license for the third unit at Barakah Nuclear Operating Power Plant in Abu Dhabi. This issue was announced during a press conference by the UAE permanent representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA), who is also the deputy chairman of the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, Hamad Al Kaabi, and The FANR director-general, Christer Viktorsson. Al Kaabi views this as another milestone for the UAE.