American Startup Is Aiming To Construct A 100 Megawatt Solar Farm, Utilizing Photovoltaic Modules Placed Directly On The Ground

Erthos has announced that its innovative installation technique could dramatically decrease the area used by a standard PV plant, potentially reducing costs by up to 20%. This means solar facilities would now only cover one-third of the space they previously did.

Erthos, an Arizona-based organization, has come up with an innovative solution to installing solar power plants on the ground – no supports or mounting structures required! This groundbreaking idea makes it easier and more cost-effective for individuals and businesses alike to benefit from renewable energy.

This innovative technology provides unparalleled aerodynamics by exploiting the natural heat absorption capabilities of the earth. According to the company’s official statement, it is priced lower than any other installation process on earth.

Erthos proclaims that their latest approach to solar panel building allows the construction of plants in a significantly reduced amount of time and land compared to regular ground-mounted facilities. In addition, the new method requires 70% fewer cables and trenches, drastically minimizing installation costs by 20%.

Daniel Flaningan, the marketing and product leader at Erthos, declared that the project design only necessitates minimal civil engineering. This method is applicable in various topographies without any grading. Furthermore, projects built utilizing this system are capable of withstanding Category 4 hurricanes, as per Erthos’ claims.

The firm recently entered into a commitment with US developer Industrial Sun LLC to construct an ambitious solar project of over 100 MW in Texas.

According to Erthos, the developer found it difficult to erect such a large solar project in an area lacking developable land. To make matters worse, conventional solar technologies require between five and six acres of property per megawatt. Luckily Earth Mount Solar PV requires less than 2.5 acres per MW – meaning they could produce twofold more energy with the same amount of space!

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