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Meet The Microgrid Media Contributors – Ally Mwanja

CoFounder of Dream Line Energy Company LTD

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Ally Mwanja is currently studying at School of Environment Science and Technology at ARDHI UNIVERSITY in Tanzania. Ally graduated from MZUMBE HIGH SCHOOL with a two-year advanced studies in Physics Chemistry and Advanced Mathematics before joining to university.

At university, his passion in innovations and solving social problems facing his community was much accelerated after attending entrepreneurship program conducted by Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI) at UDSM 2015 in Tanzania. Now he is the Co-founder of Dream Line Energy Company, the company based in solar to provide energy solution in off-grid communities, his vision is to reach more communities with energy poverty because he believe energy is the key for any development.

Ally is a person with great self-esteem, trust and worthy. He likes spending his free time reading and listening to inspirational speeches and travelling to new places.

The Microgrid Frontline Series — Tanzania

Habari gani!! Welcome to the Microgrid Frontline Series from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. My name is Ally Mwanja, together with my teammate Petro Mwamlima and ...


  • "It's Abundant, It's Affordable, It's Sustainable!!" 11/19/2015
     "It's Abundant"Solar energy is everywhere. You may not be able to dig a coal mine or oil well in your back yard, but with DREAM LINE ENERGY you will be able to harness nature’s highest source of power.The sun sends enough energy to Earth each hour to meet human energy demands for an entire year! […]
  • All the way from Kafunjo village in Kagera region 11/11/2015
    After arriving to Issack's house, DLE team had just one work to make Mr. Issack Daniel smile for having a Solar panel on his roof for lighting and Charging mobile phones as well as Powering a TV.It was a great work in Kafunjo Village in Kagera region. Thanks to Mr. Frank Prosperous, Mr. Mwanja Ally and Mr. […]
  • RES Overview inTanzania 09/13/2015
    Tanzania is the tropical country having a larger amount ofenergy potential (renewable resources, natural gases). It is estimated that if 75% of only wind and solar energy is tapped, it will be enough to fulfil the energy demand of the country. Due to financial problems and lack of technological know-how the renewable sources of energy […]
  • Just Imagine this,,, What Should Be Done Then,,, 09/13/2015
    Globally we are suffering from energy poverty, as one of the most pressing issues of this century. It’s a problem of technology, infrastructure, economics, culture, and politics – and it impacts over a billion people in most of developing countries like Tanzania.Considering energy as the key tool for development of any country in the world, reliable […]
  • Our services 09/04/2015
    "You Imagine, We Make It Happen!!"Our Services: Offering sustainable and affordable electric energy through solar system design and installation at household level, institutions and market centers. Solar powered facilities i.e. selling and installationMicro grids to off-grid communities from solar stations.Consultations.Contact:E-mail: dletanzania@gmail.comPhone #: +255756952799, +255655334364, +255712207490
    Dream line Energy Enterprises
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