About Us

Welcome to Microgrid Media, A Magazine for the latest insights and updates in the evolving world of renewable energy, solar energy, microgrids, clean fuel, and climate change. Founded 8 years ago by Jonas Muthoni, our magazine has grown into a leading source of knowledge and inspiration for readers worldwide interested in the transition towards a sustainable energy future.

Our Mission

At Microgrid Media, we are driven by the mission to enlighten, inspire, and engage. We provide our audience with current and impactful information, aiming to empower individuals and communities with the knowledge needed to participate in the global movement towards sustainability. Our content covers a wide array of topics, including technological advancements, policy updates, and innovative practices in the fields of renewable energy and environmental sustainability.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of passionate professionals, including seasoned journalists and industry experts. Among our esteemed writers are Ashley Waithira and Ryan Lenett, whose contributions have significantly enriched our content and broadened our perspective on critical issues. Their dedication, along with that of the entire Microgrid Media team, underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality, informative, and engaging content.

Our Vision

Microgrid Media was born from a vision to make a difference in the world by promoting knowledge and awareness about sustainable energy solutions. Today, as we celebrate 8 years of commitment to this cause, we continue to invite innovators, thinkers, and advocates for change to join our community. Whether you’re an expert in renewable energy, a professional contributing to the advancement of clean technologies, or a reader passionate about climate action, we welcome your insights and stories.

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